viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Small vices (and some afternoon tea)

First goes first, so Happy New Year everyone.
I hope you all had a memorable day accompanied by your beloved ones.
The last few days of the year have been a relaxing balm of happiness to me and my partner as long as we decided to leave stress behind a have a good time together.
These pictures are an illustrative example of it.

I think I´ve frequently told you about my love for tea, as well as the total impossibility of renounce when it comes to my little adiction. I must admit it at least: I am total a tea-dependent, the kind of person who will go techy and grumpy if her vice is not satisfied and who won´t go to rehab (no, no, no...) . Instead, I prefer to keep going ahead, and buying more tea than I can actually drink.
And in the top of all it, I do love to enjoy my terrible, terrible habit (oh God save me!) visiting all the seedy dems of doom for tea-addicts I can find. So as soon as I arrived to Bucharest, I started looking for new places to go and I early barged into Paul.

Paul is a lovely French chain bakery specialized on éclair, pastries and (salivating mouth) macarons.
Obviously, tea is a wonderful side-drink for all this sugary carnival.
 So, last week we were searching for a warm place where we could shelter ourselves from the freezing air and we entered the restaurant located on the university square.

We ordered some Afternoon Tea together with macarons (the ones you can see in the pictures are just the leftovers). They were SO tasty that I totally forgot about my natural clumsyness which was... well, it was just a bad idea
I mean, I normally pay attention to my good manners, not for looking fancy or something like that, but for my own safety (I always burn my tongue drinking tea) AND my clothing safety too.
Indeed, fighting against this doom would become one of my New Year resolutions.
Anyway, the thing is that as soon as I forgot about being gingerly the tragedy happened:

All the marmalade filling the macarons decided to slip out and fill my skirt instead.
My floral jaquard favourite skirt.
You can perfectly imagine me rushing on a hypocondriac mood to the restroom and washing the stain. Or trying. Because the whole thing was sticky and a total mess.
But, at the end, the story has a happy ending: the dry cleaner´s staff could manage with my self-originated disaster and my skirt returned to my wardrobe as good as new.

I would love to say that this kind of events are rare on my day-by-day, nevertheless they happen too often. My monthly professional cleaning bill can confirm this. And not to speak about the continuous stream of jokes coming from family and friends... Something you learn to live with.
What else can you do after all?

So tell me darlings, have you had any seasonal accident?

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  1. We need to go there again someday and nom nom all the delicious things!!! <3

    1. Sure! But I am afraid the day we do, we just explode, ahaha :P

  2. I can imagine you rushing to the bathroom, actually - and on a jacquard skirt, no less! How awful, Violette!! :P

    You know, I've tried those macarons over here in Canada and I have to say I wasn't impressed. But I'm imagining they taste a lot different (and probably a lot better!) over in Europe. Because I don't remember them being filled with jam, and they were pretty dry and tasteless. But at least you didn't have to worry about the jam oozing out onto your outfit! :o)

    1. The thing about macarons is that the recipe is often imitated, but not many people can actually cook them right. Frequently, the bakeries just put sugar, almond and egg on them, forgetting about the jam and the flavouring, which is probably why the one you tried were tasteless. I have eaten different places around here, and to be honest, the only ones I really liked until now are made at Paul.

  3. Haha! Don't worry, you are not alone! I am all too familiar with those kinds of accidents! I have no idea how I manage it but I'm always dropping food on myself, no matter where I am eating! I usually end up with some kind of sauce in my hair or crumbs in my bra, god knows how but it ALWAYS seems to happen, even when I'm being extra careful and willing it not to happen! I guess I am just cursed! Anyway, most people who know me well expect it from me now so I'm not too embarrassed by it! XD You know I have yet to try a macaron, I must be the only person on the planet, not that I choose to not eat them, it's just I've never came across anywhere local to me that produce them! They do look so very tasty though! Happy New Year, Violette!

    1. Happy New Year to you honey!
      It´s a relief to know I a not the only clumsy lady around. Well, I try to fix to my boyfrien´s words when he says being clumsy makes me adorable. I think he only says that because he loves me though :P

  4. That bakery looks delightful! I have to go into town to get to my nearest tea shop. I wish I had one locally. My favourite is a place called The White Rabbit in town as it's hidden away and always peaceful. I've never tried macarons! I'm glad that you could save your skirt, I hate it when that happens!

    1. The White Rabbit sounds like the best tea shop name ever! So smart and suitable, I must say ♥
      It´s just a pity you have to go to town everysingle time, maybe they will open a shop closer any time soon :)

  5. That looks & sounds very nice!

    x Dawn