domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

Our 2016 in photos

Some years feel better than others, and although 2016 hasn´t been as spectacular as 2015, it was actually a quite lucky one.

And why was that? Well, there are countless reasons to consider this as a great period. Indeed, we lived so many exciting events during these twelve months, I would really struggle to write about all of them and keep it short and clear. So instead of a 2000 words long verbose post, which in all honesty not even I would read, I will make a little sum up and show you the very best of 2016 in pictures.  

There we go!




  1. Travelling Europe.

One of our favourite things in the world is taking any given chance to travel. As far as we´re currently living in East-Europe and every interesting city is just a couple of hours away  by plane or train, we are making the most of it at the present time.  2016 was the year we visited Vienna and Budapestboth for the second time. We stayed there during a road trip two years ago, but we wished to go again.  Austria was our destination for the Orthodox Spring break, and we took the opportunity to take a little vacation in Budapest in October due to The Gentle One work duties. They were both fantastic experiences I hope we can repeat in the future.

 2. Moving to Timisoara.

2016 was the year we moved to the North of Romania too. Due to The Gentle One´s contract, he was required on a new university which meant a new city, a new accommodation, and consequently, a brand new life. Academic field can be a bit difficult sometimes. However, it is totally worth it. We find Timisoara to be radically different from Bucarest in many aspects (it is much smaller, quieter, and also smarter), but we do like it here. Most probably, we´ll move again in the future, but we want to enjoy as much as possible for now.


3. Embracing the simple life.

There is a trending Scandinavian philosophy out there, based on the act of embracing indoors life, mostly during cold months. They call it Hygge, I call it a simple life. I´ve always considered myself a homely person, who doesn´t really feel as good going out to meet people as staying indoors and having a truly quiet time by myself, or just with my beloved ones. My idea of a happy evening is curling up with a cup of tea and a good movie or book. That´s it. This year, I experienced an unpleasant series of events at work which made me realize at last I am not really fitted for office life. So from that moment, I took action and started moving in the right direction both for mental health and professional development. I am glad I finally got to know me, although it has been a longer process than intended.

So this was my 2016 and I am already looking forward to see what 2017 will bring. I hope you all had a good year.


Have a happy New Year, wherever you are! 

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  1. I'm happy that you had a good year :)
    I too are very good with embracing the simple life! I love calm evenings at home.
    I hope you will figure out your jobsituation.

    1. Thank you very much, darling. I do hope you had a lovely year too.

      In relation to my professional life, it is not a hundred per cent settled at this stage, but it is quite on the right direction, which is a big step to me and give me some mental piece.

      I wish you a great 2017 full of happiness and love!

  2. It was a wonderful year for travel for you - I'm envious! I wish we could afford to go back and see more of Eastern Europe and especially Romania again. But I should be grateful we got to see it once, right? ;)

    Apparently I've been practicing Hygge for years now, and just didn't know there was a name for it! I love winter when I'm nice and warm inside, reading in front if the fire. Not so much when I have to drive anywhere for groceries or whatever.

    Office work is rather soul-sucking. I preferred working retail when I had the choice, and most people think that's the world's worst job!

    1. It is wonderful you already visited East Europe once, I think!♥ But I agree with you: there are too many things to see in here, and sometimes it feels great to be able to visit twice (which was the main logic to make us travel abroad again this year).
      May I ask what European cities did you visit? I am always curious (OK, and maybe a bit nosey) about other people´s reaction when visiting the same places I do.

      I didn´t know about Hygge either! It is supposed to be a Nordic philosophy with a long tradition, although I just heard of it because it became a trend recently all around the internet. However, I was totally practicing its principles without even noticing. Most definitely, universal concepts exist. And I totally agree with your vision: as much as I like colder month indoors, as I can´t really deal with the low temperatures, specially in this part of the world. I can´t even imagine how chilly must be over there!

    2. Oh jeez, I think it's easier if I just list the countries - my memory isn't what it used to be, Violette! England, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Jordan. When I write it all down, I realize I should be very grateful to have seen so much considering how expensive airfares from Canada are!

    3. But you did travel a great deal of Europe! Very awesome! ♥
      Until a couple of year ago I could not afford going abroad frequently, so other than Spain (which is my origin country) I just visited Germany, England, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. I hope we can manage to keep traveling in the future. Who knows?