viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Haunted Walks Under the Big Silver Moon.

The time I resided in London museums became home.
Every single time I felt sad or melancholic inevitably tended to overpass the golden doors of an art building. Recognizing me was easy those days: a tall, pale girl with floating black hair wandering through the galleries as a spectre.

Since I was a child, I never felt really comfortable with other people.
I am not a total misanthrope (well, no too much), it´s just I rarely feel myself in the crowd. In this sense, nature made me following some uncanny mold which disables my emotional reaction to daily events and social feedback but magnify my feelings about painting, sculpture and any kind of artistic manifestation. So, as I said, I spent great quantities of my time in the UK exploring these hidden chambers full of treasures. At that time my favourite shelters were Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wallace Collection. It´s hard to explain the peaceful feel when I contemplated the inexhaustible succession of marbles, Venice cristals and pre-Raphaelite allegories.

However, everything has an ending and I had to come back to Spain for finishing my degree.
My homeland is very popular in honour of its landscapes with magic woods and cliffs and the magnificent ancient cities but - oh, alas! - we don´t have a single remakable museum.
As long as I remain here I had to look for new sources of contemplative pleasure.
It is told that wit is the father of genius, so after a reasonable time scanning different possibilities, I declined to look for more galleries and started thinking about classic buildings. This was the best I could do. One cannot ignore the huge variety of historical places around and these old fashioned haunted mannors will be always my best friends.
Walking under the charming shadow of an isolated victorian house or inside the corridors of a ballroom is one big pleasure. The best thing: absolutely free.
If you were asked for, what place would you choose as your favourite shelter?

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  1. what place would I choose as my favourite shelter?

    hmmm....artcraft´s stationeries? among brushes, canvas,guillotines,pencils and adictive very good smelling stuff XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. Ma petite, agradezco que impidas que olvide del todo el inglés, pero exijo entradas bilingües para leerlas sin tanta "oh, qué pereza, la vampirita ahora escribe en inglés". Que es domingo. (Y no fastidies, una vez te pones a escribirla en inglés, luego traducirla a materna lengua son dos patadas)

    Hay un banco junto a las columnas romanas de Nyon donde, si pones buena voluntad, parece que el Leman se convierte en mar.

  3. Todos con Elliot!!!!!!! XD

  4. Petite, me ha soprendido tu respuesta. La verdad es que pensé que escogerías algún exótico lugar tokiota, pero una vez que has contestado me parece la espuesta más lógica.
    ¡El olor a material de escritorio nuevo me vuelve loca!

  5. Meryone, si yo en el fondo lo hago por tu bien. ¡Piensa en lo que te ayudo para cuando te vengas a los londones! :P

    No sabía que en Nyon había columnas romanas pero tu descripción suena trés bien.

  6. The doorway in the second picture is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Dial V for Vintage: Yes, indeed! Many of the cities around began increasing their population in the fin-de-siécle, so they are full of lovely Art Noveau buildings. That one is absolutely charming.