jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Last Summer Days in the House of Despair

There are few things to do these days.
Summer is almost over and evenings are becoming shorter, chilly and windy. Human beings (poor little things) must leave their delightful walks under the sunshine and going back indoors. One can easily presage the winter coming.
When September arrives I do not feel Spanish anymore, the rest of the country will have one more month of shinning existence but in this small northern corner the warm season is gone. My homeland is a vission composed by wild landscapes, merciless wind, stone cities and deadly coasts dreamt by a Pre-raphaelite painter or some ancient storyteller, and we - the inhabitants - behave as sleepers.

Mornings are not usually different.
Three days ago I woke up just for finding an insidious grey daylight slipping through the curtains. Then, a sudden thunder sounded somewhere and rain began falling. With so little options and the majority of my books miles away on my apartment (I am spending the last holidays at my parent´s) I decided to sanctify this unexpected captivity to good films.
The winner was The Call of Cthulhu, a 2005´s production.

For being honest I did not expect too much from it. Normally, Lovecraft´s adaptations are poorly based on texts and too much focused on special effects. However, this one was the opposite. The project, distributed by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, recreates the misterious universe in a terrific movie. The Call of Cthulhu was recorded by using many of the most popular techniques from the 20´s. As a consequence, the final product it´s a exquisite silent film with a strong artistic design. It is the best adaptation I´ve watched the last month by far.
So if you find yourself imprisoned by a storm at home as I did, don´t waver to give it a chance.

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  1. oh!pues esta "silver week" en Japan tenemos un tifón de cojones y yo tengo la semana libre....
    me viene que ni pintao :3
    le echaré un vistacillo

    -Informando desde inepto-

  2. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your comment. I did read it but I didn't publish it since the person in question might have read it and that might've been quite troublesome. I hope you understand!

    I've been aware of that blog for a little while and I've noticed the similarities too, but there's really nothing I can do. There'll always be people who nick most of their ideas from other people, and when similar tastes collide it could also be a coincidence. Sadly I've noticed a couple of other fellow bloggers with scary copycat skills, regarding both style of photos and the texts, but I try my best to ignore it. Thanks again for your concern! ♥

    PS: Lovecraft is pure love. :)

  3. Petite, a ver si es verdad y volvemos ambas a la ardua labor de llevar sendos blogs. Es otra manera muy válida de asomarse a la vida cotidiana del otro en la distancia ;)

  4. Mothmouth, don´t worry about publishing my comment. I can see your point.

    Honestly, I don´t think it´s a coincidence but I understand you are not interested on troublesome people. If I were you I´d probably do nothing about it. I just wanted you to know as long as I appreciate the strong efforts needed to post original contents. I really hope these little things don´t disharten you and the readers continue enjoying your personal life´s vision.

    PS: Lovecraft is one of my obssesions right now. I am devouring a great quantity of his fiction these days. I´ll be able to dedicate him a special post soon, so stay tuned ;)

  5. Me apetece mucho echarle un vistazo, seguro que es una buena recomendación. Últimamente me han hecho bastantes recomendaciones cinematográficas y yo me dedico a pasar el testigo. La última que he visto ha sido El ladrón de orquídeas (Adaptation). Si no la has visto ya, te la recomiendo, aunque nada tiene que ver con La llamada o el señor Lovecraft.

    P.D: Life is pretty boring lately, espero que empiecen las clases sólo por tener realmente algo que hacer. Hopefully, te tendremos pronto por aquí.

  6. Señorita Violet, tengo un problema XDDDDD
    Y es que no encuentro en su blog el dichosito botón de seguir -.-
    será por q estoy racisteada en el wordpress?XD

  7. Lady Faisca, el título suena bien y como me fío de tu criterio la apunto :)Tengo una larga lista de películas pendientes pero en estos momentos me encuentro un tanto "monográfica", de echo, rozo la manía a secas ;)

    PD: Tu "Spanglish" me ha dejado muerta. Yo también tengo ganas de volver a la rutina se Santiago, mi piso, mis cosas, las clases, el trabajo... Y por supuesto tengo ganas de veros.

  8. Petite, hay un botón a la derecha de mi perfil que dice Flaneurs. Si lo pulsas sigues mi blog oficialmente (osea, que tu nombre consta como seguidora). Si lo que quieres es que mi blog aparezca en tu lista de actualizaciones, deberías tener una sección de administrar el perfil o algo así, y una vez ahí deberías poder añadir mi url a tu lista de blogs. Échale un vistazo.

  9. Que sepas que he tenido que seguirte desde la cuenta del twitter por que blogspot racistea wordpress T_T (no me llevo bien con el formato de blogspot y no entiendo por que!!!!)