domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011


Postmodernist critics would probably say that the web is a non-space.
I´m not gong so far, but it certainly possesses some kind of untouchable charm. This quality may come from its evident lack of physical support, or maybe just the opened possibility of hidding real identity. Whatever it is, I find particularly agreeable the idea of Omnipresence.

Everyone can fly from one place to another learning, reading, sharing or simply moved by the pleasure of anonymity.

As a single humanoid form based on carbon I also enjoy these little stupid pleasures. Unlike day by day, regeneration is always possible here and if one has the particular tendence to be reborn through the natural reformulation of ideas, then the cyberspace is the perfect drug.
What I am trying to say with all this meaningless tongue-twister is that, after a prudent time of meditation, I am able to start a new period in a new place.
Maybe this.

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