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Blogmas Day 9: My wish list.

Hello dear readers and welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

For today post I chose to tell you a bit about my December wish list. I should explain this is not a strict Christmas presents kind of inventory, and as a matter of fact I am not waiting for The Gentle One to go and shop all these items for me. There are many other things that have caught my eye around towm lately, and what I enjoy the most about holiday gifts is the mistery factor: being completely surprised by others is part of the seasonal magic. I can be like a child during holiday season, and then all I want is eating yummy food, watching movies, reading a lot and opening surprise presents on Christmas Eve. In spite of that, these are the objects I have been craving for the last couple of months (and sometimes even for a longer time). 
Are you curious about it? There we go then!

  1. The first pair of items on my wish list are two dresses: Classical Flocky (above) and Acanthus (below), both models are by the Japanese brand Innocent World.  They have been sitting on my bucket list for some time now, but as they are old collections I need to wait until they appear for sale (and in good condition) in some second hand website, which means it all depends on my luck, rather than my will. I am not specially lucky when it comes to bucket lists, or dream items, so I will need all my patience to make this wish come true. To be honest, I am a bit afraid I will grow oldie before that happens. Maybe I will become the best dressed lady at the old folks´home...

 2. Item number two is Crimson Peak novelization. As I already told you, I did enjoy the film quite a lot, so going back to Allerdale by reading a book would be delightful.

 3. I am still mesmerized about my Sexy is Back palette by Too Faced. I have been using it for months now, and due to its great pigmentation and last I don´t regret my choice at all. Lately, I´ve been feeling a bit eager to get me a good mate palette, so my thoughts are focused on the famous Chocolate Bar. Honestly, I don´t even know if I will be able to wait after Christmas to get it. Temptation is far too huge, I am afraid...

4. The last item on my list is the Highland collection by Katie Alice. I have been quite totally obsessed with it lately, because making my kitchen look like the cute version of a Scottish cottage is pretty much my own idea of aesthetic perfection. 

So tell me darlings, what is in your wish list this Christmas? 


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  1. My wish list is quite small - a very large gift certificate from any knitting store! Hey, the youngest and I drove into a very small nearby town today, and guess what I found? That tea! I was blown away to find it there and I think I'll wait until after Christmas to see if the Santa tin will be 50% off and I can buy it then. :D

    Oh, those dresses. I hope you have very good luck finding one of those, because they would look amazing on you! I love the Katie Alice china but I'm pretty sure the spouse would hate it. LOL

    1. Yay! So glad to hear you found the Basilur tea box! What a coincidence! I see your point about waiting until Christmas Day is over to get it though: as they are based in Sri Lanka their prices can be a bit too much depending on your country importation taxes. Nonetheless, the holiday varieties tend to go down after Yule, so I am sure you will find a bargain.

      Oh, and I see your point about spouse, The Gentle One isn´t too excited about my vision of how the kitchen should look in the future. However, he is quite easy going, and as long as I am happy he never concerns that much about little details :)

  2. Oooh those dresses!!!

    That book version of Crimson Peak is exquisite!