miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 2: My favourite comfort tea.

Hi everyone and welcome to day 2 of Blogmas!

Today I wanted to share the first of the Christmassy themed posts, and I thought I could talk to you about my absolute seasonal comfort tea. Now, I know for most people it is all about comfort food (and I do enjoy that, because honestly, who doesn´t?), but as years go by I realized I am more a kind of "comfort tea person": when I am having a bad day, or feeling poorly, I tend to drink a cup of tea rather than eat something. And believe it or not, it usually helps a lot.

During the year I change a lot my shopping for tea habits. Sometimes I prefer the simplest English breakfast I can find, and sometimes I go for the most extravagant Longjing I can afford. But every year around Christmas I try to look for Basilur tea books. There´s something about the softness of their festive Ceylon, flavoured with natural cranberries, strawberries, melon and cantaloupe, passion fruit, raspberry, vanilla, cream and black current you can´t forget. And that´s just one of the options!

 Also, their little tin containers are lovely, and just the perfect decoration (I use my tin books to keep my jewellery collection), and prices are really reasonable for such a luxurious kind of edition. So as you can see they are basically a must for the Christmas period to me.

I would love to know what are your favourite comfort food or drink during Christmas time! 

And just to finish, I want to let you know I will be sharing a little Christmas give away with you all. I hope you participate and have fun with it.


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  1. Wow the tea box looks so cool! I bet it tastes amazing. :)
    My comfort food around Yule is definitely mince pie. So GOOD! :')

    1. Oh, I have never tried mince pie, I think I need to give a go to that!
      And yes, the tea tastes delicious. I wish you can find it and taste by yourself :)

  2. OMG, it's now available in Canada! Excuse me - I need to go check out their website. If I spend too much money Violette, I'll be back here whining that it's all your fault. ;)

    1. Hahaha... I am afraid you will probably buy more than once if you try it. At least I find it utterly delicious. And yes, if your spouse complains about the ridiculous tea bill, you can blame the little weird lady living in Transylvania. I am sure that will be strange enough to distract him :P