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Blogmas Day 14: What´s on my festive makeup bag.

Hi everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 14!

This morning I was checking my phone when I looked at the calendar and realized it is just ten days to go until Christmas Eve! I can´t believe it is so close now. Indeed, what I can´t really believe is all my Christmas shopping is not done yet. Someone should start panicking already... But coming back to Blogmas itself, today I am posting something a reader specifically asked for: my makeup bag content. Well, if you have been reading me for some time now, you might know I am not truly into beauty massive shopping. Also, I am a bit lazy about reviews, which seems to be the most popular blogging topic out there right now. But this girl was truly nice when she asked me to make a little post about my current favourites for the holiday season, and I thought I could totally make an exception. So here you go, this my festive makeup bag content.

First thing I should probably explain is I am quite faithful as a costumer: if I find a product I truly like, I will buy it until... well, most probably until the end of the times. That means I am a bit boring about beauty basics, because I tend to restock those products as soon as I run out of them. For instance, I have been buying the same foundation since I discovered one it really suited my tastes during my university years. I am probably the cosmetic company dream (or at least, I am the dream for the companies I shop. For new brands on the other hand...). But the thing is, once in a while even I like to explore the big world out there, and Christmas looks like a good time to experiment, as well as trying more dramatic looks, don´t you think? So I use stronger colours during the season, specially when it comes to rich red shades...

But first things first: canvas preparation. I am truly pale, which mean I always have dark circles under my eyes. During this time of the year the calendar is full of party, dinners and nights out, and that means double size for dark circles! Plus, puffy eyes. How lovely, isn´t it? Obviously, I try to reduce the effect of those by applying some specific products daily. This year I am very fond of two Sephora basics: their Instant Depuffing Gel, and my beloved Soft Focus Concealer. I use them both on a generous quantity every morning, with good results considering my current lack of real rest!

 After concealing and foundation, I usually apply a splash of my favourite primer: Too Faced "Shadow Insurance". To be totally honest, I hadn´t discovered how much I needed this in my life until last Spring, when I got it together with one of the palettes and could feel the difference it makes. I basically moved from "Oh my god, why the eyeshadow melted down and when did I turn into the joker?" to "Hey, did I really sleep on my makeup again, because this looks stunning..." So yeah, good primers are something you don´t know you need until you try them and they can make a huge difference on the duration of a nice Christmas party makeup look. 

As I already mentioned above, I have a soft spot for strongest colours during this season.
These are my current kind of eyeshadow and blush (by Sephora again, and Just Cosmetics).

Let´s not cheat ourselves, RED is the festive colour at this time of the year, isn´t it?
I am not too picky about lipstick, as long as it lasts a lot (eating+drinking+more drinking because hey, is Christmas and you don´t want to look like a hot mess at the end of the night). Right now I am trying different types of long lasting mate lipgloss, and I discovered that, frequently, unexpensive products can be as good as famous brands in relation to pigmentation. While writing this, I have been wearing the product on the picture for six hours and although it starts feeling a bit dry at the moment, it looks like I just applied it.
I paid less than five euros for it, so not a bad deal, right?

 And finally, nourishing! With the cold my hands are always dry, so I apply hand cream at every turn. This year I am in love with Yves Rocher Christmas products, and most specifically with their Spicy Vanilla hand cream, shower gel, and body butter. I think it is my favourite Winter product ever. I am going to be quite depressed if they discontinue it for next year...

So tell me darlings, what are your December makeup faves? 


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  1. Just out of curiosity, what foundation do you use Violette? Or is it in the pictures and I'm just too daft to see it? Not a huge beauty product purchaser myself, but I'm always looking for a new foundation as I've yet to find one I love. :)

    1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    2. I intentionally left my foundation out of the post, as this was a bit more about my current makeup routine, rather than general products (don´t worry, you are not daft at all!), but of course I´ll tell you: I use Yves Rocher Comfort Cream, in "Téint tres claire". I first liked it because my skin ususally feels dry, and this product makes it really nourished and soft all day long. Also, before that I couldn´t stand cream makeup, as most of the products were far to "cakey" to my taste. This one, on the other hand, behaves very well on my skin, feeling light and refreshing. Coverage is medium, but you always can apply some mattyifing powder for a special ocassion.
      If you are still curious just let me know, I can make a specific review post about it :)

  2. Did someone say dark circles? And puffy eyes? These days I hardly get any sleep and it's starting to show:-/
    It's going to be my first Sephora product. And I blame you! :-D

    1. Hahaha. I am sorry, I know it is truly difficult to sleep properly with the seasonal agenda making routine totally twisted. And well, I hope this product works for you. There is another depuffing cream from Clinique which is really good, but also very expensive (around 40 euros). The Sephora one is far cheaper (I got it for around 5 euros on the sale, being 10 the normal price), so maybe you can give it a chance to see if it is ok to you :)