martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 1: A day of my life in pictures.

Welcome to my first Blogmas everyone! 
To start I decided to share with you "a day of my life in pictures" kind of post, as this is something I do love about other blogs but never find time to do it myself. So as this month I am enjoying some extra spare time, here you go: this was my November, the 21st.
I hope you like it! 

09:05- I am not a morning person. As far as I am concerned, one should never wake up too early, at least on weekends. 
Actually, nine in the morning is quite early for Saturday. It was chilly too, so I decided to stay a bit more while deciding if I was brave enough to leave the bed and look for something to read before breakfast... 

   09:25- Ok, that was slightly harder than I thought. It was truly cold outside the bed, and it took me like twenty minutes to pick up this little pal from the bookshelf.

  10:45- Seriously, where did time go? Suddenly, it was far too late for proper breakfast. I had a modest morning snack instead in the hope to be able to eat lunch on a decent time (just to be informed an hour later that The Gentle One wanted to spend the day outdoors in spite of the sudden snow-like cold...) Goodbye breakfast, goodbye decently planned ahead lunch.

 12:00- Last opportunity to check the email before start getting ready. I am proud to say I did not lost myself in the internet any longer than ten minutes.

12:30- After a quick shower weekend nails routine gets started. The Gentle One was already dressed, and showing himself in the chamber every five minutes to kindly remind me we had to leave early in order to enjoy some actual daylight. I was ready ten minutes later, but totally forgot to take a selfie during the "leaving the house race". Oops.
Don´t worry: husband heard me grumbling about it for a good deal of time.

13:30- Hello, Bucharest! As I already mentioned, the weather was too cold to spend too much time outdoors comfortably, but we could have a little walk in our way to first day destination which was...

14:00- Favourite discount book store! I love the fact this little corner shop offers countless number of foreign languages books. That makes me a happy bookworm, as I can keep reading in paper even though I live abroad. I restrained myself from buying this time (I´m saving for Christmas) but had a good time and added some titles to my wishlist.

 15:00- We both began feeling very hungry and stopped to have a little snack around the corner. I was too anger to taste my veggies and prosciutto sandwich, so all you can see here is a quick and blurry phone picture. Sorry about that! In my defence I will say it smelt delicious...

  16:30- Next pit stop... WAIT, DID I JUST WRITE PIT STOP? Ok, I think I do need to have a couple of words with The Gentle One about the amount of F1 screened played at home... Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, next destination. We made a little incursion in my favourite tea house too. It is a small charming place where you can have a cup of tea, or just shop for yourself. I got us some Peach flavoured Darjeeling this time. Yummy!

  17:30- From here my camera battery died, so the rest of the pics are phone blurry ones. I know I am the worst blogger ever... Well, at this point we took a bus to the closest mall to pay a little visit to Ikea. We wanted to check their Christmas decorations this year. We didn´t find anything we really liked (everything looked quite minimalist on this ocassion, even for their own standards), and we simply inspected their false apartments section in search of some new ideas. The Gentle One seemed to be a bit too comfortable playing he was at home, don´t you think? 

18:40- And finally a proper meal! We found a lovely Lebanese restaurant at the mall, and did not hesitate for a second to stop there and relax. I asked for beef and got this yummy dish. Wine was delicious as well. And we left with a full and happy tummy about two hours later. We will be definitely coming back!

21:00- We got home, changed into cozy pyjamas and warmed our numb bodies with the first hot chocolate of the season. Afterwards, we watched a movie, but by then I was too tired to remember about taking pictures. I am sure you understand. 

And this was my November, the 21st.
I hope you enjoyed it, and please, let me know if you would like me to repeat this type of post in the future. Also, this was just my first Blogmas day, so be tuned for tomorrow´s post, something special will be announced!
Have a nice day! 

6 comentarios:

  1. What a great day! The sandwich looks so good... I might be hungry. :''')
    Looking forward on tomorrow! :>

    1. It was an amazing sandwich, Hukutettu! Actually, it was so tasty I am (unsucessfully) trying to reproduce the original recipee at home. Too bad I am a mediocre cook...

  2. It looks like a wonderful day! I love looking at what other people eat. Weird, hey? LOL

    1. Not weird at all! I frequently feel curious about that too, and indeed is one of the thing I put more attention about when I look at other people photo diaries. It is nice to know I am not the only one doing so, phew!

  3. The bookshop and teahouse sound great! The Gentle One looks like he made himself very at home!

    1. I had lots of fun that day, Laura. Tea and books are mostly my idea of happiness.
      And yes, I agree The Gentle One made himself too comfortable. I think he likes to fool around as much as I do, so he always goes a bit crazy in Ikea, haha.