martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

The art of fine eating

As a rule, I am not a New Year´s goals person but as everybody else I make one or two resolutions once in a while.
Last year I decided to cut down a bit on the quantity of sugar in my diet.
Happy to say against all predictions (I really mean this, even I wasn´t very sure of my own will), I made it. I don´t put any sugar on my hot beverage anymore, and the quantity of sweet I eat now is abot the half it used to be. Not that bad, right?
So this year I thought I could keep following my own nutritional path.
Like you know, one step at a time.

On the first place, it should be explained I am not the kind of person who makes nutritional decisions according to aesthetics and beauty.
My only reason to cut down on certain bad habits is just... well, they are bad habits and make my body feel bad. It is not about weight, or cellutis, or whatever.
It´s just about living a better and longer life, if possible.

 So this year, my main resolutions are basically three: keep going with cutting down on sugar, eating far less processed food, and adding more natural green items to my diet.
It is not impossible to achieve, but I feel it like quite ambitious.

January was the first month of attempts.
I never start too hard, because I find easy and less stressful to get familiar with my new habits moderately, instead of changing my life abruptly: after all, change doesn´t happen overnight. As I said, January was the first step in which I achieved some little goals, but also failed (miserably) in some others. A couple of weeks ago I kept the track on ALL my meals.
Here you can see the results on this layer (I got it at
I highlighted my worst mistakes in red colour. They were double fail, as they were both, sweet and processed food (GOD!). In my defense I should clarify Monday´s mistakes were due to The Gentle One´s birthday celebrations, although I have no excuses for the rest...

Obviously, not everything was a mistake.
I am satisfied about the greens I included on my diet, but I´m still working on eating more fruit.
Apart from that, all the food was home made (with exception of Saturday main meal), including fresh banana milkshake and sour pies.
Even so, I think I should get a good kitchen blender, as I have been checking multiple ideas for smoothies, juices, veggies creams and so on.
I am trying to make this work, so I will thank you for any ideas or tips that work for yourselves.

So tell me darlings, how do you manage NY reasolutions after the first month?

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  1. You could add dry fruits and nuts to your diet (a great source of vitamins and minerals).
    Tuesdays need a little more. Maybe a carott salad with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice; and maybe a crisp to go with it - I think someone's hungry:-/

    1. Thanks you for your tip, I think dried fruit is a very good idea, actually!
      I don´t eat lots of salads during Winter time, as I prefer warm meals, but they are subtituted by veggies stews :)

  2. I cut sugar out of my diet too. I found a wonderful orange cinnamon green tea which has helped me stray from my typical orange pekoe tea (loaded with sugar and milk). I've lost seven pounds over the last month thanks to my change in diet. : ) I try to eat fresh, unprocessed foods, and if I ever crave sweets I eat things like dates or foods containing raw sugar or honey. I feel better physically now, whereas five years ago I always felt bloated and gross lol. Natural foods rule!

    1. I rarely add milk to my drinks nowadays, even hot chocolate is basically water with a little soy milk cloud.
      As for fresh food, I consider myself quite lucky, as The Gentle One is a great chef, so most of our meals are carefully homemade. I just tend to eat more processed on the weekends, which is a bad habit I am trying to control too.

  3. I try to eat well, sometimes I do well, sometimes not. My resolutions were to work on being positive and on my anxiety. I am usually managing to meditate at least every few days and trying my best with everything, so I have to give myself a pat on the back. After all, being too self-critical is another of my problems!

    1. Oh, I see your point, but you shouldn´t be too critical with yourself. Try to make the change as positive as you can, and manage with a cheer attitude. I couldn´t do this if I had a self-pity or negative mood at all. Actually on bad days, I am more flexible with myself. Otherwise, this process would turn unbearable.

  4. I am also trying to cut down on sugar, and I'm trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. You would think the latter would be easy for me as I was vegetarian for seven years (I stopped because of my health), but I'm finding it quite difficult! I've also given up so many fizzy drinks and drinking water instead, which I found quite hard at first but I don't miss it at all now. I'm hoping it will be worth it and I will start to feel healthier. Best of luck with your goals!

    1. Oh, it´s nice to hear you are on my same boat, claire! ♥
      I know how hard it can be when it comes to cutting down on sugar. Many people don´t think too much about it, but I consider sweets as a drug. You can certainly feel anxiety as you are leaving it, and pleasure when you consume it.
      However, fruit contains a good dose of natural non-refined sugar, so we should be ok with the change after a while.
      Good luck with your attemprt you too!