domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

What I did in January

Oh, Jeez... February is on its last week already (WHAT? Is it almost over?)
and I can´t believe what a soft and nice Winter we had.
You see? There´s no way to complain about the weather anymore, as it has been quite warm comparing with last year around here...
Anyway, it´s time for another monthly round-up episode.
Do you want to know what I did in January?

I considered January a good moment to put my current red shade obsession aside temporarily, and embrace new things. New year, new me, right?
So purple looked like the perfect alternative for a little touch of colour. I visited my favourite makeup store in the city and purchased this pretty nail polish by Gabrini,
which was my greatest discovery last year in terms of affordable nail polish brands.
They make the most amazing and intense tones of purple, red, blue, green and essencially 
any shade you can think of!
I only got this one, but there are around two dozens of other colours in my wishlist now.

January was a relaxing and unestressful month.
I spent most of my time walking through snowy streets with The Gentle One, enjoying the beauty
of parks, houses and trees covered in white.
Favourite thing about Winter walks is the merry moment you go back home, put on comfy 
clothes, prepare a nice cup of tea and you curl up on a blanket with a good book.
Little seasonal treassures, isn´t it?

Ans speaking about books, I think I have mentioned how unexpensive books are here in Bucharest.
Last month was a bit modest in terms of shopping, as I have been saving up some extra money
in order to buy a sewing machine (I hope to be able to tell you more about it soon!).
Nevertheless, books provide hours of joy and entertainment for little money, which is just what I need in my life right now. I got this gorgeous Wordsworth Classics edition from the complete works of the Brontë sisters last month. I am a big fan of English nineteenth century fiction and the works from the Brontës (specially Emily and Charlotte) are among my absolute favourites.
To be specific, Jane Eyre is one of the novels I never get tired of.
Reading it is like visiting an old friend of mine, who has got the ability of making feel home,
even if I am a bit sad or nostalgic.

So tell me darlings, how is Winter treating you?

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  1. I envy your warm winter, here in Ontario we're struggling through a cold snap. It's been so frigid that some of our wildlife is being brought into rescues for treatment (ducks and geese are unable to feed). I'm looking forward to warm spring weather. I miss going outside.

    That nail polish is such a lovely color. I once had one like it. :)

    1. My father used to work in Canada a long time ago, and he told me about how awful Winter was over there. I consider cold here as my own personal limit (-20 C), and don not think I could survive with your -30! To me, you are all heroes!

  2. I love affordable nailpolish as, no matter what the brand, I seem to chip it within hours! I really love purple and black, and want to have more purple in my wardrobe!

    1. Good thing about this brand is it actually works well with some base or top coat. Normally my colours chip on three/four days, but this one can easily stay for a week, even when I am SO clumsy!
      Also, I totally agree about purple: there´s never enough in the wardrobe to me.

  3. Always a fan of purple!

    A new sewing machine - that sounds exciting! Are there good fabric stores over there, or will you have to order online? Ohhhhh, I bet there's great vintage fabric at the flea markets. So jealous. :)

    1. Actually, the new sewing machine arrived home today and I am happy as a child with new shoes!
      I decided to order it precisely because there are tons of amazing fabric shops around and it felt like a waste not to take advantage of it. I bought all the materials for my wedding dress here in Romania and everybody was really surprised in Spain to see how high quality and unexpensive the fabrics were. I hope there will be some interesting cloth pieces coming in future posts ;)

  4. What a beautiful edition! Jane Eyre is one of my favourites too.

    The purple polish is a lovely colour too.

    1. Thankie Claire! Charlotte is one of my favourite writers, and I think Jane Eyre is a literary miracle, as it is so far from all the female clichés in the Victorian area. This edition is kind of a treasure to me.

  5. Life in Violet indeed! <3 I miss you guys so much, we need to get together soon! :)
    I love that coat of your, so glamorous! I am sorry I missed the lovely weather here, although it snowed a bit in Greece as well, imagine that!

    1. Thanks darling, I miss you too. So glad will be together soon.
      The coat is actually an old one I added some fur neckline to! :)

  6. Purple and Brontë - just my style:)

    Here's a weird request: Because you always look lovely and poised (and posed) in every picture, would you consider posting an "unaware" picture? One that someone took without you knowing? I would love to see that.

    1. Hey Ms. Misantropia! As a matter of fact, I do love your idea! I think I could make an entire post collecting the best "unaware pictures" I can find. Thank you to suggest it! ♥