domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

Too Faced palette review

I have been looking for a nice eye shadow palette for some time.
However, as I invested uncountable spare evening haunting makeup stores, I noticed the high street barely launches any with gothic-friendly colours: you can find nice nudes, as well as plenty of pastels and neutrals, but darkest tones are always an issue, and it was quite hard to find nice products without spending a little fortune in luxury products.
Lately, this tendence has changed, though.
More and more brands have been hitting interesting packs for the last year and a half, and many shops are receiving their stock, even in their little and more modest affiliated locations.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the Too Faced shopfront at the local Sephora store, and casually their Return of the Sexy palette caught my eye. Although I find the name REALLY awful (The Return of the Sexy? C´mon! This is not the nineties anymore...) the colous were quite pretty, dark and also very versatile from my perspective. Nevertheless, the price was a bit over my budget at that point and I decided to wait. Nonetheless, as I have been recently attending different formal events as a consequence of all the wedding preparations, I thought I was finally able to justify the expense.
So this babe came home with me last Friday.

So as you can see, the palette is divided in three different looks: The Ingénue, The Icon and The Bombshell, being the first a gold based set, a purple bunch of undertones for the second look, and a classic black and white for the third.
Nice and quite complete.

Almost all the colours are sparkling, but they are the iridiscent type, rather than just glittery, which makes them pretty once you apply them on the skin. Also, pigmantation is surprisingly good (just one simple coat is enought to get a good dose of colour with most ot the tones) and for some reason most of them work well together, even if they don´t belong to the same set/look.
Here you can see the colours (with just one or two coats on my arm) under daylight.

The Ingénue (from left to right): Naive, Ingénue, Innocent, New in Town, Casting Couch.

The Icon (from left to right): Pink Diamond, Icon, Divorcée, Hopeless Romantic, Primadonna.

The Bombshell (from left to right): Seven Year Itch, Bombsheel, Hollywood, Meaneter, Beautymark.

Extra Bits:

Something I truly appreciate about this palette is the little extras.
I think these products can be quite expensive, so I am always glad when brands incorporate something as a gift. In this case, Two Faced includes both, a little bottle of their Shadow Insurance primer, and a Perfect Eyes Waterproof eyeliner.

The eyeliner is quite resistant to water AND tears, and its pigmentation is great, once again.
It costs around twelve euros just by itself, so I think is a great gesture to give you one as a gift, as the palette total price is around forty five euros.

As for the primer, this is silicone-based product.
It is supossed to prevent creasing, but as these eyeshadows don´t specially crease around the lids, I can´t truly notice any difference by applying the product.
Maybe I need to give it a try with cheaper colours in order to make a proper discovery.

The last extra bit is this set of inspirational look cards.
They are designed both for day and night, depending on the ocassion, which can be quite helpful as the first contact with all those pigments can be a bit intimidating.

Just to finish, I intended to take a detailed picture of my makeup, using The Icon set.
Apparently, I am a total mess when it comes to take photos of finished makeup, so you will have to comform yourselves with this overexposed and blurry picture of my face instead.
Maybe next time, who knows?

So tell me darlings, what´s the last makeup investment you made?

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  1. Oh sweetie, the shades are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see you up close! <3

    1. It is a good bunch of pretty colours, I guess! ♥
      Lookinf forward to show it to you.

  2. It looks like such a lovely and versatile palette! I really like that it is divided into three sections. My favourite palettes are by Urban Decay, but they are so expensive!

    1. Urban Decay have really adorable colours too, but as you said they can be quite in the expensive side!

  3. I love the names of the three looks, they sure are a homage to classical literature stereotypes of female. :D Also the colors are beautiful!

    1. The names caught my attention too, Jade! I think they remind me of classic Hollywood film noir stereotypes!

  4. That is a lovely Gothic friendly palette, although I can't wear browny shades, they make me look ill somehow! I am waiting on some Manic Panic lipstick in the mail and also plan to get some Jeffree Star when it gets back in stock!

    1. I see your point, Laura. For me it´s quite hard to find the right balance not to look sick when I makeup by using brownie shades. I think it is a question of neutralize the darkest tones by usinf lighter colours to contrast. It works for me, anyway :)

    2. Hmmm good idea. Yes, I need to get some more practice in, I am getting better at makeup! Most of the shades in that are so lovely though, and I think the golds would work on me! The fuschia metallic is beautiful!

    3. I can tell you this golden shade does look lovely together with chocolate tones :)