domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Landing in the UK

"With great power, comes great responsibility".
That´s what I normally keep in mind whenever I am taking a flight. Why? 
Well, I might actually have an shocking secret to share with you, darlings: I am a super-hero.

Let me explain myself. During all these years of travelling, my fear respect to the whole flying experience has taught me something. Planes don´t actually work because all that complicated technology developed on a hundred years of constant investigation, nu-uh, they fly because there´s some special people out there who, like me, are concentrating all their will power on keeping the damn thing on the air. Do you know that guy sitting next to you on the airplane with a weird expression? The one who typically shows wet hands and frantically looks around? Don´t judge him anymore! He´s one of us, an anomymous hero concentrating to let you all land safe.

Well, this could be a mere digression used to justify my own frantical look when travelling but nobody is going to notice, right? ...errr... whatever.

The thing is that, on Friday morning, I took a taxi to go to the airport and I had a poor lunch over there (mainly ´cause I was too terrified nervous to eat anything proper), which mainly consisted on juice and a little sandwich. I kissed The Gentle One not to say goodbye but to give me some good luck on the trip, and I boarded. I must say the flight was pretty good, no turbulences noticed at all (yay!), so I was full of energy and optimism when we finally landed in London.
Above you can see some of the adorable green landscape surrounding Lutton.

By then I started feeling like I was home again, and happily headed Saint Pancras, which is probably the loveliest train station ever. Think about the whole Victorian and Neo-Gothic vibe around it...
Just magnificent ♥ 
The only bad thing about travelling alone is that, as much as you find constant chances to get pictures of everything, you barely remember to take pictures of yourself. But well, everything else is so pretty, you don´t really care!

Once I arrived there, I just took the shuttle train to the East End and arrived to my friends place, both exhausted and pleased, although the complete process took me about THREE HOURS. Bad connections day, don´t even ask. Nevertheless, the good point was that I was on time for supper, so off we went! 

I had no idea this Strada  chain restaurants existed, but they are Italian food based, so I was not complaining at all. As dinner was just my lovely friend Dhaunae and I (my other friend was abroad for job reasons until Saturday) we could eat tons of food and catch up on late event in our lifes.
You can see how splendidly we fed ourselves (yummy pasta for this lady, of course) and how reluctant we were about direct pictures at that point of the day. Well, long day to both of us, plus bad hair day to me equals, no good pictures. 
 BUT there is a tiny mirrored selfie below... yes, I know, I suck.

However, this is just the first (and obviously less interesting) day of my trip chronicles.
I know you will excuse me, specially once you look at all the stunning pictures I took at the Saturday Lolita event itself

 Just stay stunned! They will be coming very soon, darlings.

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  1. Omg that airplane theory makes so much sense :D I must remember that!
    From what I understand, you were travelling alone? Omg I would be so scared...I'm usually not comfortable going alone into unfamiliar parts of the city where I live...:D

    1. Yes, I was travelling all by myself. Of course I visited my friends once I arrived there but the whole flying experience was an individualistic one. Except for the part of separating my feet from land, everything else was ok. I had been living over there before, so I was familiar with most of the places. The only bad part is my lack of orientation sense, God blesses technology and maps! :)