martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Pre-Enchanted brunch

On Saturday morning I woke up at my friend´s place in London, got ready and took the underground to Liverpool Station (as a matter of fact, I usually call it Loverpool Station, but that´s a different story and it would deserve its own post), where I was picking up some girls for brunch. I have no idea of how this happened, but at some point between January and last weekend, I realized I knew hardly anyone attending the big Lolita convention and figured out it could be super nice to arrange a pre-Enchanted meal, so I would have the chance to make new international acquaitances.


With the priceless help of my friend Dhaunae, I booked on a Japanese restaurant at Spitalfields Market and gathered twenty-five Lolitas from places like Italy, Slovakia, Australia and, of course, Spain. At the beginning I was a bit afraid people could react negatively when they saw the crew (I am a bit too used to it as a member of the dark scene). Nevertheless, they were nothing but kind to us, politely asking about our outfits. 
But you know? That´s one of the reasons why I love London so much

We got easily comfortable and ordered meal.
I found the prices surprisingly unexpensive and the food quality was amazing.
Giant peach tea and fresh salmon with fried noodles and veggies for less than twelve pounds? That´s something you don´t find in Spain, I can tell you.

The ladies were really talkative and friendly, so I was able to leave my social akwardness behind the curtain and feeling good. It is great to chat with people from different countries and cultures as well as comparing their own perception of the world with my own opinions.
That´s the salt of life, I guess.

After brunch we did still having some spare time before Enchanted, so decided to have a look around the market as many shopping post were antiques or vintage-oriented and, consequently, very appealing to most of us.
It was by then when we found the lovely Betty Lou´s Bakery, a very fine company run by an a stunning and lovely Swedish lady who nicely asked to take pictures of us in exchange for us to take pictures of her. No need to say that, on the top of all it, her cakes were DELICIOUS
Finally, we headed Gibson Hall hotel for the convention.
I can advance that it was the coolest thing ever.
Next post, you will ascertain by yourselves.

8 comentarios:

  1. Oh wow, it looks like such a magical day. WHat wonderful costumes!

    1. I found the dresses very elaborated, it was a delight to see them all :)

  2. How wonderful! What a great idea to meet up with everyone before the big event and let off some steam! Everyone's outfits from what I could see looked gorgeous (I hope we see more detailed outfit pictures in the next post!) I literally drowned in my own saliva when I saw those cupcakes, especially the peanut butter glory ones! Yum!

    1. Oh God, you can´t imagine how good they tasted! Most of the times, decorative bakery is just pretty, but dry and not very tasty. Nevertheless, these were creamy, juicy and very flavoured. Oh my! I want some more now, hahaha :P

  3. What an excellent idea of you! I hope you made some really good friends that day. You look lovely and so do the other girls.

    1. I think everybody had a good time by making new friends (me included), which is the only thing I wanted :)

  4. Greetings lovely,

    I guess brunch is my favorite meal , although i don't indulge loads on it, since it's not typical here, i love to have a meal at that time of the day, and relax and talk.
    You all look adorable, but I must say you and the girl with the boat hat were the prettiest, no doubt. I love your elegance and glamour, so gorgeus.

    Hope you had loads of fun and you are ok.

    Best Regards

    1. It´s not typical in Spain or Romania either, although you can have it at some fine hotels and restaurants. For me it´s the perfect meal too, as I never wake up too early in the morning and late breakfast is not normally an option.

      On the outfits side, I think the lady on the hat totally rocked it. These pictures of me our poor, but there will be some better ones on the next post :)