domingo, 20 de abril de 2014


I managed to collect all the wonderful pictures I could find about the great Lolita event from the oficial photographers. It looks like somehow all my own photos looked blurry and quite dark.
But the important thing is that here they are: FINALLY.
I do hope you enjoy my lolita adventures as much as I did, darlings!

After Saturday brunch, the girls and I hit the hotel just on time to make our entrance.
We went totally breathless when we first saw the main salon full with hundreds of dressed up ladies.
That was something quite unique, I guess!

(Didn´t you die of love about the pirate girl?)

I was too delighted by the whole sumptuous ambient to notice the staff team had already started the welcome ceremony. I can be a total day-dreamer, so thanks God the brunch ladies were there to let me know! (Otherwise I would probably had been the weird girl looking around and missing it all).
I later realized that even the Japanese tv was covering the event.

Just after the opening act, the fashion parade was announced to start inmediately, so most of the girls had a seat and expectantly waited for the show.
You can see some more examples of the guests outfits while they were waiting.

Once we all got ready, the show began on the catwalk.
Many lolita fashion brands attended the event and took the chance to show some of the finest new creations. It felt kind of peculiar to me as there was a vague Paris Week Fashion-vibe in the whole experience. 
Nevertheless, I enjoyed quite a lot.

When the fashion parade was over, we finally could have some time to look around the shop stalls.
It was great to see all those beautiful dresses as well as find out big sales.
I decided not to go wild and just bought a lovely handmade brooch from my favourite Spanish designer this time, though.

The clothing was stunnig, but I think my favourite shop was this little one offering fake cakes and sweets for decoration. I must admit, at the beginning I totally thought they were real!

After setting eyes on those, I went hungry (which is completely natural, don´t you think so?).
It looks like someone else was litening my thoughts because not too late after that, the hotel crew served a fine selection of real treats and lemonade, so we could have something nice to recharge batteries. I had a couple of tasty pieces and decided to have my obligatory outfit photos taken (because I remembered about the blog, darlings, which considering my excitement about the day, was a total miracle).

At that point I started feeling a bit tired (and new shoes were not the best idea, indeed), so I sat to look at the expert makeup tutorial by the lovely Japanese artist Minori.
I think it was pretty interesting to learn she spends two hours to apply her makeup before every performance!

The final climax arrived in the shape of a giant lottery with more than a hundred prizes.
I was lucky enough to win a cute (and very pinky) sweet-lolita photo frame, it will constitute a lovely present for me little sister, who loves all things Japanese.

Time for goodbyes arrived too early, but we got some group pictures to preserve the whole experience memories.

I just look forward to see where the European Lolita Convention will be hold nex year!

6 comentarios:

  1. What an amazing looking event! And everyone really went all out with their costumes. I especially like that black/dark lolitas.

    1. Yes, people made their best to dress up for the event. It was a total delight to walk around surrounded by all that beauty. I do prefer Gothic Lolita too, as it is closer to my comfort zone. Nevertheless, there was something quite special in the `lighter` ladies as well, I think it is because they look like characters from Sophia Copoola's Marie Antoinete.

  2. What a great event! I am jealous! I used to be very interested in Mana Sama, so lolita stuff makes me excited. I think you look the best from all of the ladies, I love dark lolitas (your bag is to die for) <3

    1. Aw ! Many thanks sweetheart ! But I think there were many ladies more accurate dressed than me by far, afert all, I am just an edge Lolita myself. The bag is from New Yorker and it was a winter sale find :-)

  3. So many beautiful girls and clothes!! Kawaii :D I admire lolita stuff a lot! And you look so elegant and gorgeous! Glad you had an amazing time!

    1. Lolita is pretty attractive visually speaking, I understand your position. And many thanks for the nice words, I had a lovely day :)