lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Valentine, the ruins are no place for you to play

Weather has been acting like a bipolar psychiatric patient lately.
That means that most of the times my early morning plans go totally ruined just before lunch, as the sun tends to dissapear quickly and be replaced by heavy rain.
So as soon as I realized it was improving a bit during last weekend, The Gentle One and I jumped from the coach (we had been spending a good dose of our spare time by watching movies, which was the only thing you could actually do on this weather) and went for a long walk through the city.

 It can be said that we are fond of long walks.
Specially him. I really mean it. Like, he literally doesn´t feel any pain on his feet and legs even if he walks fourteen kilometres at once. There was this time in which he made me walk so much that, once I removed my shoes, my toes were all covered on blood. Since then I call him Iron Feet when he forgets about normal human capacity for walking (or when I don´t want to walk anymore).

The problem about Bucharest is that, as long as it is overloaded by stuning decadent mansions and palaces in ruins, he always want to walk another step on his attempt to discover the next hidden treasury. And as you also may expect, most of the times the situation involves a very tired Violette sitting at any door house, bench or stairs she can find to have a rest, which is the main reason driving to this bunch of pictures. I swear I try not to be too peevish when we go out but, even when I´ve made a good musle condition on my legs, my body type is small and light but not too strong, so I must admit I have my limits and ten kilometres are far from my personal power.
The picture below captures the previous moments from my collapse, when all the strength decided it was time to fly away and I finished grazing on some cute buidling gate. I think the only reason why I kept standing was the beauty of the house behind me and the childish delusion about buying it on my head.
A girl can dream, right?

After that I found myself drinking all the water I had on me and changing my shoes for some comfortable flats, so at least I could go back home by walking (shhhh... let´s pretend the idea of stopping a cab did not crossed my mind). 
But well, all things have a good side and I got these cute pictures while resting in exchange for all the muscle pain I suffered the next three days.
Fair enough, right? Errhh... whatever.

Outfit Rundown: flower clips - Primark / necklace - handmade gift from my mother / sunglasses - Primark / cardigan - Stradivarius / dress - Bershka / tights - Calzedonia / shoes - Camden Town / bag - Banned

Tell me darlings, are you fond of urban excursions as well?

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  1. So many beautiful buildings. Please get rich and buy one of these! :) I love your purple outfit! As I wrote on your instagram that belt is gorgeous!

    1. I seriously need to get rich as soon as possible, dear. There are too many temptations around here...

  2. It is a beautiful house ... maybe you could buy it? Then you could sit on those stairs anytime you wanted without having to walk far! :)

    I like walking when I'm traveling, but at home I prefer to drive. Not as exciting at home, I guess.

    1. I wish I could buy one of those houses right now. Many of them are actually on the market and the prizes are not THAT crazy. Some day, I hope.