martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Five O´clock Tea at Phileas Fogg´s place

This has been a very long and nice weekend.
The type in which you make so many things that at the end it looks it has lasted ages.
On Friday afternoon, The Gentle One and I decided to spend the day together as on Saturday I was busy by developing a second brain plus a second pair of arms in order to organize and attend a Lolita meetup in Bucharest (but that´s another story... and I´ll be telling later).

For now I just wanted to relax a bit, have a walk and maybe a good cup of tea.
So we took the underground to Piata Romana and had a good afternoon while taking pictures of our favourite Victorian buildings around the area. We call it "the old mannors district" for some reason, you know? By then we discovered many of those precious places being now occuped by corporations and business companies, so most of the times we were drove away by some impatient guard, and this generated a couple of funny situation involving me pretending not to understand a single word of the guard´s speech to give my poor man the chance to take one picture of the building at least.
The kind of situation you can see as a perfect orchestrated plan on Ocean´s Eleven (but without sunglasses... neither George Clooney, nor glamour, indeed).

When we got sick of playing Clooney and Roberts, we went to Casa Oamenilor de Stiinta, one of our current favourite places in the city right now. It belonged to the first national who travel all through the globe in the nineteenth century, let´s say he was the Romanian Phileas Fogg.
It was five in the evening, so tea looked like a good option again (is there any ocassion when tea is not a good option? I don´t think so) and we order a traditional dessert I could not eat all by myself.
Seriously, I needed some selfless help (ahem...) from The Gentle One to finish it.

So tell me, darlings, what have you done this weekend?

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  1. Are those ... papanași? OMG, you lucky girl! I can't relate to not being able to finish them though; I'm afraid we ate them practically every day we were there, and I've never been able to recreate them. I talked to a Romanian baker about it once and he thought it was because we can't get the right cheese over here. :P

    What beautiful china it's served on! :)

    1. Yes, they are! I had heard some friends of mine talking about papanasi before I came and I thought they were exagerating a bit about the matter, but NO WAY! They are simply delicious. Fortunately for me I don´t eat them everyday as I don´t find them easily on my neighbourhood. Otherwise, I am sure I would put two thousand tons on me, hahah :P