martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Martie Soare

It looks like Father Winter has decided is time to go.
We haven´t had any snow lately around here (yay!) and Spring has come, not just like weather, but also under the shape of calendar festivities.
At the beginning of the month we celebrated Martie Soare  or the Spring party in Romania.

The tradition dictates women are given presents as little shinning things, so the little magpie inside me was more than satisfied.
However, people also celebrate the Mother´s Day together with the International Worker Women´s Day, and, do you have any any idea about its practical meaning?
Exactly! More presents!

To be honest, I had no idea about the last public holiday (I can be a complete and unhopeful mess when it comes to calendar parties), so on Saturday morning The Gentle One appeared at our bedroom´s door with a big smile on his face and he kiss me and covered the bed (and me) in colourful packets.
I was still sleepyhead, so I could barely articulate a very vague "what is this?" while he started laughing of my obvious confussion.

"Don´t you know?", he said. "Happy Women´s Day!".
And he patiently waited for my reaction which basically consisted on a silly series of "Aw" sounds coming from my mouth.

I was given a stunning box full of postcards with the Roaring Twenties theme (they are all around now, covering the walls of our apartment) and a book about Chivalry (The Gentle One knows about my love for the particular topic). As for the rest of the cute items you can see here, they were given to me during Martie Soare (the butterfly pin was a gift from him, and the cute cameo was a lovely and unexpected present by Ellone Andrea : thanks again, sugar!).
In relation to the silver ankh and the precious purple ringstone jewel below, well, they were my own Springtime haul.

After all, how can you not to buy if you are surrounded by so many lovely things?

4 comentarios:

  1. I love the book of 20s pictures! I love the 20s and can even do pretty good 20s outfits with my new haircut!

    I really love the book of chivalry paintings too!

    What lovely presents you got!

    1. Aw! It´s always nice to meet another roaring twenties big fan :)

  2. Aw!! That is so sweet!!! So many presents! I can understand that you got happy for all of them :)

    1. The Gentle One has been feeling very spontaneous lately, and of course that means a very happy Violette, haha.