miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Royal purple roses headpiece

I´ve never considered myself really crafty.
I mean, when you grow up on a family in which everybody seems to be gifted for manual works and you are clumsy, well... you start thinking you must be the clack sheep. I mean, there is not other black sheep around so... it has to be you.
My mum can sew a dress with one hand and knit a shawl with the other, one of my sisters used to design (AND make!) her own corsets, my dad can fix up any ruined supply, my youngest sister can make amazing pictures with eyes shut and I...  eerrrr... I am the smartie bookworm but, being honest, I never tried to use my hands the way they do.

Nevertheless, when I was given my ticket for Enchanted I started figuring out my outfit.
At the beginning I thought about ordering a new dress for the event, but I realized I had an acceptable one that I rarely use and a lovely blouse that fits perfectly with it. However, I had nothing here in Bucharest to form a proper coordinate. If you know something about Lolita (and if not, don´t worry, I´ll explain it anyway) then you know the dress is just the basis you use to build a whole outfit.
Accessories are as important as the gown itself.
So, first I decided I was going for the classic purple/black matching I like and  problems began.
Purple is not a popular colour in Lolita. I mean, of course you can find lots of lavender, notwithstanding dark blue shade is not that common. I surfed the net for a couple of days and could not find anything I liked, so decided to go wild and try to design something myself.
I visited a supplies market this week, and found some amazing (and truly unexpensive) materials to use which are of a shocking good quality. Natural cotton-based lace anyone?!

I finally put together this round headpiece all by myself.
Of course I had some incidents involving fingers, pins and needles BUT I finished it.
Besides, it´s not perfect at all (as well as just my first attempt to sew a project without any help) and the original purple shade is a deepest blue one rather than the pinkish one in the pictures.
Anyway, it´s all mine and just costed six euros to sew it!
Not bad for the black sheep.

Tell me darlings, have you made any crafty project lately?

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  1. That is a lovely headpiece! Great work!

    I guess I don't come from a particularly crafty family. My mum could sew but not make clothes. I am only just learning these days, with a lot of tips from people who can sew and a lot of trial and error. I am pretty clumsy too, and I mess things up, but I have learned that when you make something people are often so impressed they don't notice the faults. It is a great sense of achievement to make something!

    I have stabbed and scratched myself with so many pins and even stepped on them! Ha ha. It's funny, in my opinion!

    I wish you lots more awesome crafty projects in the future and not too many more pinpricks! :)

    1. Yes, little accidents are unavoidable when crafting, but it is all worthy once you are done. Specially because of the huge satistaction you feel afterwards! ♥

  2. It looks amazing sweetie! I cannot wait to see the whole outfit when it will be finished! :D I miss sewing and keeping my hands busy with little crafts. If I had my sewing machine in Bucharest maybe I could have helped you with the gown (I'm really clueless on sewing dresses but we could have managed somehow)!

    1. Many thanks dear! I decided to keep going with one of my wardrobe dresses this time, but I´ll possibly make something new for the next event on Otaku Festival. I am sure you are very crafty, actually. One day we must meet and spend the whole evening creating some handmade treassures all by ourselves. That would be lovely ♥

    2. Oh how I would love that!!! It's so relaxing for me <3 We should totally arrange that!