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Budapest in October

Hello everyone! 


As you probably know if you´re following me via Twitter or Instagram, I am not dead.

However, it´s been a couple, of crazy months during which The Gentle One and I managed to move to another city, find a brand new apartment and job positions, all in a row.  Those periods are quite usual in our lives, due to our professional choices and careers, and although they can be very exciting, they can also drag all the energy out of us. In my case, that usually means a drastic reduction of my spare time, and most consequently, less time for blogging. But fortunately, I am starting to get used to my new routine, so blogging can be finally back for good

Now, in October we had a short city break in Hungary, as my husband had some professional affairs to attend in there.  


It was just a couple of days, but I thought it could be nice to share some little impressions of Budapest, as we had a lovely time there. I hope you enjoy them.


1.  On the first day we arrived to Budapest quite very tired after a six hours train trip from Timisoara.

Technically speaking, it should have taken about three hours and a half, but the train was awfully delayed and the Customs check took like one hour and a half just by itself which is... well, the reason why you shouldn´t travel by train in East Europe if you can avoid it...

As a consequence, we barely managed to check in our hotel, and have a little walk around the town center. By then it was a bit cold, so we stopped to refuel with some Gulash. Afterwards, we had some city sights around the parliament area and went back to the hotel, where we collapsed.

 2. On the second day we made some serious tourist shit.

 We climbed to the Fisherman´s bastion thanks to the amazing bus shutter connection. It was truly cold and windy up there, I can tell you, so our visit was a bit of a fight with weather (and the reason why I look like a crazy lady in all of the pictures, proof below). 

(You see? I was being attacked by my own hair, PLUS suffering a slow death from frostbite, all according to my face...)

The bastion area (Buda old citadel) includes Matthias church as well as the castle. We couldn´t visit the latter, as it was Monday (closing day for all the museums), but we had a lovely walk all around the place. Once we left old town, we moved to the parliament, where we had arranged a programed tour. Of all the places you should visit while in Budapest, that is THE ONE. Seriously guys, if you love Neogothic madness, just go there. You won´t regret it.


3. On Tuesday The Gentle One had to work, so I spent the day by myself. 

I visited the opera building and had a lovely tea at Gerbeaud, an impressive 1850 coffee house  and also my favourite (if you ever go, please, take a minute to visit the back dinning rooms. They are breathtaking!)

I reunited with hubby in the evening, and we went to Café New York for our last dinner in the city. 



 4. On Wednesday morning we got up early to visit the Vajdahunyad castle (a.k.a. Hogwards, as you can see in my happy face).

The place is pure Gothic charm, and it looks insanely beautiful. We didn´t have much time left, so we avoided the museum this time and had a lovely walk around instead. I hope we will be able to go back and visit the indoors too, as it is a truly lovely building.

We left the city just after lunch, but I am quite sure we will find an excuse to return soon enough to enjoy Budapest on a proper holiday.

So tell me darlings, have you visited some place lately?



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  1. Beautiful photos! Sounds like a lovely time, I hope to visit one day.

    1. Thank you!

      Budapest is a truly beautiful city, and it totally deserves to pay a visit. I hope you can make it in the future! :)

  2. Wow, it looks so beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Budapest it looks amazing.

    1. It´s even more stunning in real life. My photos turned out a bit blurry, so I just could post a bunch of them, which is a pity as you can´t really appreciate the pure awesomeness of the place. Maybe next time I´ll be able to carry a proper camera with me.

  3. I love how foreigners like our capital city :) Vajdahunyad is so beautiful in every season :)

    1. It is a truly breathtaking city, Nuada. And Vajdahunyad is the most beautiful castle ever! Maybe I can ask you: someone told me one of the castles in there has a skating ring during Winter time, do you know which one is it? I´d love to visi next time!

    2. I think this will be the City Park Boating Lake near Vajdahunyad :) take a look: http://budapestchristmas.com/budapest-outdoor-ice-rink-in-the-city-park
      I don't know, when the skaeting season will start (maybe it depends on the weather), but you can get info here: https://www.mujegpalya.hu/en/skating-hours
      I also would like to get there once in winter time, I love to skating :)

    3. Oh, thank you very much Nuada!♥ I think this is exactly what my friend told me about.
      I hope I´ll be able to make it in Winter next time too!

  4. From Romania to Budapest - you really do get to visit all the lovely places, don't you? I think I have some pictures very close to yours in my online photo album - they look much better in black & white, I think!

    So is it Budapest that you've relocated to, or that was just a short stopover to wherever you were going? :)

    1. I consider myself very lucky to get the chance to visit all these beautiful places, indeed! A couple of years ago, I would have not believed that such wonderful things could happen to us. Now I try to make the most of it. :)

      And no, we are not living in Budapest (I wish, though!)
      At the present moment and since the end of September, we live in Timisoara, a Northern Romanian city which belonged to Hungary until the First World War (my husband works at the same where Herta Müller used to teach). It is small compared to Bucharest, but very charming and bohemian. We are really enjoying ourselves in here! ♥

  5. Budapest looks so pretty! Lots of Gothic (and I guess Gothic Revival) architecture to gush over! So beautiful!

    1. Gothic Revival is everywhere around Budapest, Housecat. And such a delightful monuments to appreciate! You would love it there!