miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012

Only the good ones die in summer

 The last few days have been pretty chaotic.
On Friday I decided to join my family at my parents´place as long as we had planned some pre-birthday celebrations together. This is a comparatively new tradition among my relatives as a consequence of the eventual distance between us (we don´t live in the same city anymore). Basically, we meet for having a delicious lunch or dinner together, chatting and enjoying of some extra time close.
 Next weekend I´ll be turning twenty-nine (no worries, you will read enough about the party through the following days), and in this occasion it meant a glorious lunch composed by lobster and Spanish wine, lots of mint mojitos and many beautiful gifts. What else do you need?

However, the fast rythm of these days is a little too much for me.
I am a shy and quiet person, so I felt really lucky when I could go back to my relaxing holiday routine.
Probably I sound like a peevish girl, but I do need disconnecting during the summer break.
Otherwise, I would probably get overloaded.
As soon as I could come back to my city I just left my stuff behind and went for a walk outside, this wonderful place is full of lonely gardens and parks where you can virtually disappear.

 All I need to feel good is a book and the company of The Gentle One.
I am sure many of you understand what I am talking about.

Now I can say my batteries are charged again, so I´ll be able to enjoy the company of my friends at the birthday roaring twenties event on Saturday.
I´ll be back with a good review soon!

Oh, I almost forgot!
Just in case you are wondering what am I wearing in this post (sorry, I never remember about it):

Dress: Stradivarius.
Shrug: New Look.
Stocking: Pamela Mann.
Shoes: Gift from a friend.
Necklance: My sister´s donation.

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  1. I am much the same as you, after any major social event I need another few days to myself and to recuperate! Ireland is full of lovely walks and places to get away too, as I live out in the country there are lots of forest walks and old estates that you can walk around not far from my house. Nothing is better at clearing my head than a walk in the forest with some music! I absolutely love your tights, I usually stick to black opaques, but I am starting to come around to patterned tights! I just bought a sheer black dotty pair and they are so cute... Now I am on a mission to find some sheer black ones with hearts on them! ♥

    1. Oh, the place you live in sound lovely. I am a big fan of wild landscapes, I don´t know why. Maybe is just because they remind me of Jane Austen´s stories. As you say, they are great for relaxing.

      Dotty tight are my next goal, I saw a couple of models this week in a local shop and I am totally in love with them. If you get the ones with hearts, please, post pictures!

  2. twenty´s party!!!!!! <3

    Que ganas de ver fotos del eventooooo!!! ^_^
    Este sábado nos vamos las dos de fiesta y borrachera pues!!
    A distancia celebro su cumpleaños bella mía!!!Al príncipe y a mí
    nos han invitado a la boda de unos amigos (weno, no a la boda en cuestión xk la harán informal, si no al beborcio de después XDDDD) y como Hymn le ha cojido el gustillo de las barras libres de cockteles dulces...jejejej
    Es que él dice "esto sabe a zumito y no sé por qué todo me tiene gracia" y se pone tan majo que tienes que verlo :P

    Me gustan mucho las fotos ^^
    la primera que estás leyendo y la última contra el muro, sales muy bonita *_* y jodidamente delgada sin esfuerzo...te odioooo!!!!

    Yo tb me iría a sacarme fotuelas bohemias con mi boina nueva al bosque de no ser que aquí con la humedad crece todo a tamaños gigantescos y tengo miedo de los bichos nipones :S
    puaj...humedad tropical...mi siguiente post verás de lo que hablo cuando nos veas el pelo a mí y a mis amigas T_T
    Otoño ven ya!!!! y llévate la humedad!!! y así me puedo ir a Korea *_*

    1. ¡Las verás, las verás! Ya me encargaré yo de sacar muchas antes de que las bebidas espirituosas terminen con el glamour ;)

      Ay, el príncipe que majo, descubriendo los cócteles a su edad. Nada, cuando volvamos a coincidir lo voy a meter en el mundo de las caipiroskas de fresa y las margaritas de media noche. He dicho.

      Gracias por lo de las fotos, todo obra de Mr. Prize. Y lo de delgada sin esfuerzo, pues bueno, yo diría palillito a mi pesar. Pero como ya son años luchando con la naturaleza pues me dejo llevar, que soy más feliz.

      ¡Yo quiero ver fotos bohemias tuyas en el bosque! Tocando los bongos, como el señor ardillas :P

  3. I must say you look very very pretty! I love black lace so that outfit is die for, I mean it! No mention stockings and necklace! <3
    I hope you will enjoy your birthday, you totally dont look 29, we are same age btw ;) Have a great time with your family! :)

    1. Thank you vey much dear! Your always so kind. I am crazy about black lace, almost an addict I must say. I don´t know why I haven´t done too many lace posts until now.

      I´ll try to have the best time ever with my friends and The Gentle One. I had my familiar birthday party last Sunday, so something less formal and considerably insane is coming ;)

      I will post about it, I am sure!

  4. you look lovely here! i especially love the tights and your pretty hair :) hope you had a great birthday!

    1. Thank you, sweetie! I am very happy about my hair in these pictures, normally it looks wild outdoors.

      And yes, I had a great birthday party!

  5. These are great pictures! And I love those tights, I've always wanted a pair of vertical striped tights.

    1. Thank you very much :)You can get them in the official website of Pamela Mann if you are interested.
      Oh, and of course welcome to my place. There´s a give away event in the last post, please feel free to join if you like it.