viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

You can´t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.


As any other human being on Earth who needs a proper job to survive, I love weekends. 
They are full of all kind of promises: never ending catnaps, romantic walks under the moonlight, tons of good movies waiting to be watched in a sofa & pop corn session... 
Weekends are so nice because they represent a small portion of time in which we can be who we really are, and do what we truly want to.

Usually, my weekends (which thanks to providence last from Friday to Sunday, as long as I don´t have to attend university seminars or work) consist on a relaxing and healthy diet of good books, quiet conversations with my fiancé, and some eventual wine night at home with friends. 
Nothing out of the ordinary.

But this Saturday the impossible came about: it wasn´t raining!
Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. Not that special, huh? Well, you´re wrong.
Do you know that song from Jane Siberry called "It Can´t Rain all the Time"? I am sure she didn´t know about the north of Spain. In this corner of the world it does rain every winter, ALL winter. We don´t have snow or killing low temperatures, that´s right, but it rains. A lot. There are days in which I think I could go to work by swimming. And I am not the only one who has this kind of feelings about water here. 
But you learn how to live with it because, well, we are the water people
Even the rest of Spanish think that about us.

But on Saturday there was no raining prediction, so I inmediately asked to The Gentle One about going out for a while. No umbrella? Where must I sign, sir?
And there we went.

Although there were some clouds in the sky (fine, it was very cloudy), we had a walk ad took some pictures.
I wanted to wear that beautiful coat that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas because there was no water that could ruin it this time.
But we run out of camera battery soon (we were so excited about the lack of water that totally forgot about recharging batteries). As a consequence we strolled a little bit more and went for a good cup of coffee to our favourite place ♥

And then the second unexpected thing of the day took place.
It was so warm up there, and the music was so soft, and the sofa so comfy, and the delicious vanilla and almond tea was so relaxing... that I fell asleep
It was just for a second and It had never happened to me before, but for an instant I was totally asleep.  
I think I was truly tired after a long week at work, I have no other theory, (unless the charming waitress put some drugs on my tea to steal my pretty new coat, but I can not prove it and I don´t want you to think I am a little crazy paranoid lady). Yes, that was a joke.

So I had to stand my man laughing at me for a while.
Fair enough. I would also laugh at him in that situation.

Did you ever experienced a so funny and ridiculous moment in a public place?

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  1. situation was slightly similar. I was deathly tired and taking a nap in the school's fitting room (I'm studying clothing there, that's why we have a room like that) and a classmate came in, judging by the screams she might have assumed I was dead...

    This might sound odd but I just love your nose. You have an extremely beautiful nose. And that coat is stylish!

    A rainy winter would be interesting, even though snow gives such an awesome add of light.
    Greetings from Finland!

    1. Oh my, I bet you got totally scared by all the crazy screaming.

      Thank you so much for the complishments. It´s kind of funny you like my nose, as long as it used to be a continuous source of aesthetic frustration when I was a teenager. Of course as a teen people tend to be oddly proportioned, but I remember that I even considered surgery. I am very glad my parents did not let my to do so, now I am really happy about it and I learned that peculiarity is what makes a person beautiful :)

      I´d like to have a snowy winter here, but in the last ten years we only had snow in two ocassions.

      Cheers, darling! I hope to read more of you :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! Oh you must have been exhausted when you fell asleep in public.
    YOu are beautiful as always :)

    1. Aw, thank you very much linnea-maria. You are as sweet as always ♥
      And yes, I was totally exhausted last week. Saddly, it happened again this week with all the job and my exams at uni, but that´s life!

  3. I love the way you describe weekendsI Perfect!

    However I fell asleep in class when I was in school all those years ago! I was resting my head on my hand and next thing I knew my head slipped off my hand and it crashed on the desk. I still laugh about it with my friends all these years later!


    1. I think I can describe them well because everybody feels the same about them, isn´t it?
      Falling asleep in public places looks like a popular activity too! Hahaha :P


  4. Very lovely photos. It looks like a beautiful place to take a walk =)

    1. It is, indeed! My city is full of gardens with a certain decadent look. Very English-romantic style like. I totally adore them, it is so easy going there to read a good book and forget about the world...

  5. This are some nice pics darling, i loved the regal air this coat made you have, you look stunning as always.
    I love the almost greenish/blueish light that the after/before rain gives to photos, specially near stones and grass, they look so powerfull, so full of history.
    I must say that your rain in Spain afects me more that mine in Portugal, sounds funny, I will explain, my company works with Orange, and everytime it is raining there, that means insane work for me :P I had this weekend( i didn't had one since October ) and I almost forgot how amazing it is having two full days to do whatever you want with your love, even staying in bed, or watch tv as another meaning.
    I am such a clumsy person, that I would probably would spend a week telling you how many times i made a full of myself in front of people , but i do belive the waitress theory it's very posible ;)

    1. Oh, thankie for the compliments! I do like the old European royalty look, so somehow I am always looking for new clothing inspired in that. Yes, even unconciously! Sometimes, I go out for shopping and when I put all the pieces together at home, my boyfriend laughs a little bit (just in his lovely funny way) and says "ey, dear, you got a bunch of Russian countess clothing again", which is kind of a private joke between us. I can´t help myself, I guess.

      So sorry to hear that Spanish rain affect to your job. In this side of the country (I am from Galicia, in the very North-West) we have a little too much of it.

      Ah, and don´t worry about being clumsy! I am the biggest one of this kingdom, anyway :P

  6. Great photos! You look lovely, as always! I love weekends too, mainly because I have a break from having to get the bus everywhere. It hasn't been raining very much here, it has just been incredibly windy! I am very ready for Spring to make an appearance now.

    1. I confess that I´ll be really happy when sun comes back to my life too. I like autumn but winter is a little too wet here, and sometimes it makes going out hard.

  7. XDDDDD Here in Japan is so normal to fall asleep anywhere, you wouldn´t be stand out hahaha Also you can see people sleeping while standing!!!!! (not joking I swear!)

    Really "you" those pictures <3
    Miss u Sally!

    1. May I suppose that there in Japan life is too busy and a little stressful? Well, you know it is not like that here in Spain, but these last week my schedules got totally insane, which means spending hours taking bus connections all around the city.

      I think I am really "me" in the pictures ;)

      I miss you too, Gillie!

  8. Well, as someone from Scotland, let me say that I understand what it's like to have non-stop rain in autumn, winter, spring AND summer! haha. I love your photos here, by the way. You look so lovely and wistful in that cozy coat x

    1. I think we have similar weather here and there, rainy, cold and not too cheerful :P
      I kind of like my look in that coat, but your wrods are beyond nice.