lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Welcome back, dear readers. 
First of all I want to wish a happy Midsummer to everyone! I had the most wonderful one with friends and better half and a really memorable weekend after my recent academic nightmare.

I´ve been away from the blogosphere for one month now and, although I really missed it a lot, I did have no time for procrastination at all. As I had planned, semester exams consumed my entire life: I had books to read, essays to write and notes to memorize. Not funny indeed. My last test took place on Wednesday evening and since then I fell in a strange kind of clinic coma. I wanted needed some sleep. Finally I came back from the grave on Saturday, just in time for Midsummer celebrations. The Gentle One is a really empathic person and did his best to make me feel reborn. We met many friends of us in the afternoon, had dinner together and hanged around to drink lots of tasty cocktails by the midnight fires. So nice to let stress going away!

But exams were not my only source of concerns. I formalized my pre-registration for the literary research work next year. To understand the whole thing, I´ll explain the process quickly. Applicants are supposed to contact a tutor and to present informally a personal project for next semester, then they get a position for their project. I fulfilled every step and when the list with the positions was published. Somebody had replaced me on my project! Apparently, a classmate who was spending a year abroad did not learn about the burocratic process and just chose my project without making any consultation to the department head or the tutor who, by the way, knew nothing about this girl abroad. I had spent one month and a half preparing my project so you can imagine how dissapointed I was! I had to talk to the tutor again and she gently fixed it all but for three days I lived in hell. The girl apologized and evidently she did not do it on purpose but I was under a lot of stress and this did not help. My project is very important to me because it will let me to improve my academic file notably, which means that I´ll have the chance to get a teaching position grant the following year. Of course, I am in the project again and I´ll be spending my summer working in the bibliography. So everybody is happy now.

This week my holiday goes on at my parents´place, it will be good to get relaxed by the sea for a while.
Have you any fantastic plans for summer at the moment?

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  1. I can imagine you've been under a lot of stress, reading about your problems with your research work! I hope you feel better now! We don't really celebrate midsummer in my country, what a shame because it seems like such a romantic festivity. So far I have no plans for summer, just work, work work... I applied for a new job, now I am hoping and praying I will get it because I don't like my current job. Have fun at your parent's place! :)

    1. Thank you very much, darling. I am definitely right now, I just needed to get rid of stress :)

      I really hope you get that new job, good luck! I am looking for a new position for the summer as well. It´s no good to have too much free time if you are a hyperactive person like me.

  2. Lamento mucho escuchas sobre los problemas con tu proyecto,pero me alegra saber que finalmente estás disfrutando de tus vacaciones como te mereces! Guapa <3

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Afortunadamente ya no hay presión, siempre es bueno tener algo de tiempo libre para organizarse y establecer prioridades. Espero que tú también estés disfrutando de unas merecidas vacaciones :)

  3. Hello there dear!! Reading "...semester exams consumed my entire life: I had books to read, essays to write and notes to memorize." i was exactly the same!! and the coma too! it is a universal program for students after all that stress! Also happy for the situation that came out! Not very much for the summer i want just to sign up to a gym but after that i have only one month to "rest" from August i start my preparation for September! Hope you have some planes :D

    1. I think student life is not as good as it is supposed to be!
      I will also start with my preparation for September the last week of July or the first of August, so I understand what you mean.

      My only plans for summer consist on preparing my notes for research (no hurry though), trying to find a summer job and more time for pleasure writing and reading in general. Besides, I hope to hang out with friends. Not that bad!

    2. I believe that too!! When you work somewhere, most of the professions at least, you don't bring home "homework". We, go to college and then all day with a book in our hands trying to finish essays in their time and reading and memorizing so many things! Is difficult and it pisses me off when people don't get that! Not bad at all i hope that you really get some rest and a summer job but mostly the friends part!! <3

    3. I totally agree! The most annoying thing about student´s life for me is to find out how many people think that studying is an easy and accomodating phase in our lifes. I am sure it can be pretty cushy indeed (if you don´t care too mcuh about academic duties and you don´t make your best, but I am not that kind of person).

      Thanks for the best wishes, I´ll try to enjoy as much as I can.

  4. as you are bbeautiful *-* i love your pic ♥

    I'm following you, if you want follow me

  5. Oh, thank you for the compliment. I am blushing.
    Always nice to hear from new readers. Welcome to my place, feel free to comment everytime you want to.

  6. pero si yo en este post ya t ehabía contestado hace tiempo T_T
    odio que tu blog me borre los comentarios y me racistee, que coraje!

    Ya ni me acuerdo que había escrito exactamente para repetirlo pero weno, de lo que si consciente es de que ud no me actualiza más a menudo! que esto es de hace ya un mes mujel!!!!!
    Necesito fotuelas nuevas ò.ó

    y ya puestos, tengo amor-odio con las cerezas.
    Me encanta como se ven pero no me gusta su sabor XD
    Aunque lo que me intriga de todo final la chica que escojió para la tesis?LOL
    Si, me fijo en cosas random que se le va a hacer :P

  7. Pues recibí siete comments tuyos en la bandeja de entrada de golpe. Simplemente tengo activada la opción de admnistrar los comentarios :)

    Lo de actualizar antes fue imposible porque sencillamente no hice más que estudiar, no tenía mucho más sobre lo que hacer un post. Un poco deprimente, ya lo sé.

    No tengo ni idea de lo que hizo al final mi compañera, bastante tenía yo con ocuparme de lo mío. Pero en fin, ¡qué todo salió bien!
    De todas maneras no es una tesis, es sólo un proyecto de investigación ;)

  8. So glad everything worked out for your research project! You definitely deserve a little rest after that stress. Enjoy your summer!!

  9. Thanks a lot, sweetheart. Semester exams are always a nightmare, even if you are prepared for them. I had a copule of weeks for resting and then I started to work as a teacher assistant again. But even then I had lots of spare time!

    I hope you have a great summer too.
    Any amazing plans at the moment?

  10. hey your blog is so beautiful just like you :)
    blogwalking here, mind to follow each others? let me know.


  11. Sorry for the delay, I haven´t seen your comment since now.
    Thank for the comment, I´ll take a glance at yours :)