jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

And Wrought Upon the Clothes in Patterns of the Most Jetty Black

We suffered the terrible hot weather during the whole month, but the temperatures went down on the weekend. The only inconvenience is that, unfortunately, my obligations are not leaving me too much spare time to enjoy. We´re in the last week of the month and the term exams are far, nevertheless academic tasks pile up on a essay´s ocean.
Happily, not everything is bad.

Among all these obligations some attractive loads are hidden.
My north American literature seminars has been dedicated, almost exclusively, to the life and work of E.A. Poe. The author is always a delightful pleasure in which I adore to fall once and again. And there´s not such a big thing as reading it in this season.

There´s nothing spookiest than Poe in a dark October night.

Leaves have begun to fall, rain hits the windows and I ( lucky me) read Poe´s stories with a warm tea for my classes. This drove me to a wonderful mood disposition. I can just ponder about candles and pumpkins!

I don´t know if I mentioned it, but this party is special for two reasons: on the one hand, I enjoy the spirit´s night like one more kid and, on the other hand, this year I am celebrating my seventh anniversary with The Gentle One, ( a gothic couple celebrating their anniversary in Halloween, what a cliché we are). However, unlike it can be interpreted, the date was not chosen on purpose. Destiny linked us that night, which is pretty romantic if you think about masks and red wine every year.

This time I intended to celebrate it with something special, so I started to look for new ideas and accidentally stumbled upon Neil Gaiman´s blog. He proposes to give away horror books in Halloween and turn the party into a literary event. Personally, I think it is a brilliant idea.
What do you think about it?

6 comentarios:

  1. I love love love your images in this post. So dark and lovely! Happy anniversary!!! :)

  2. too short!!!!!! T_T but then u´ll compensate me with a longer one for halloween, won´t u? :P
    I love the last pic!!<3
    and the give away idea is awesome!!!
    In btwn, I´m back from Kyoto and ready to spend my Sunday editing my next update with a teacup =D

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  3. VictorianKitty: Thank you so much. I am glad you liked the pics! I hope I will be having a great anniversary dinner date today ;)

  4. Petit: I must check the pics taken by my guests on our beautiful Halloween Party. Unfortunately, there was too much "Red Warrior" to drink and somebody forgot taking good portraits (oops).

  5. Red Warrior is not an excuse!!! photoshop can rescue anyone from a social suicide XDDDD

  6. I think I just took pics from pre-party random stuff (I haven´t checked the memory card yet). Maybe somebody was more responsible than me. I really hope so :P