martes, 29 de julio de 2014

Plague on Prague

Unfortunately, good things do not last forever and of course Summer holidays are not a exception. 
After a deserved three weeks break, today was my first day back to work (and the messy real world), so I thought bringing you some more impressions about my trip would probably improve my mood. So here you have the second part of my European tour series, featuring Prague this time.

After visiting Vienna, our next destination was the medieval city of Prague, where we arrived on Wednesday mourning. The first stop on the itinerary was the famous castle, containing Vaclav cathedral, a stone jewel carved on Gothic style.
It was a delightful visit (as I had little idea about its gorgeous interiors), and an outstanding surprise (PLUS, it was just 23 grades inside, which compared with the 32 outside, was a considerable relief. Speaking of which I beg you to pardon my sweatie look in all the pictures. It wasn´t possible to be glamorous on that weather).

After satisfying our cathedral enthusiasm by producing all kind of  joyful sounds and gestures that made people to look comprehensibly akward to us (yes, we can be weirdos sometimes), we walked a bit around on our way to Charles bridge.
I am a bit afraid to say it was kind of a mistake:
In contrast with the lovely surrounding and views, something I did not like about the Czech capital was the massive presence of loud visitors. Let me give you a word of advice: whatever you do, don´t go to Prague during the peak season.
There were moments in which I would rather had jumped to the Volga river from the bridge, than kept standing the human flock!
 I do not recomend it if you suffer from claustrophobia or you are naturally introvert.

After my collapse fatigue on Charles bridge, we had a little stop to feed and moved around Staré Město. I did enjoy the vission of all those ancient toy shops and puppets, together with the second hand and vintage bookshops (just my cup of tea).
The Opera House was also a lovely surprise, and I did enjoy by having a coffee close to the building where Mozart orginally released Don Giovanni in 1787.


To finish the visit after a very long walk of several hours (The Gentle One activated his Iron Feet power), we finally stopped on a tea shop a proper quantity of time so I could rest before going back to the hotel, when something quite curious happened: I entered the place to find a reproduction of Sleepy Hollow tree! We didn´t know by then, but there was a Tim Burton temporal exhibition being run on the city. So yeah, you guessed, I relaxed for a while under the morbid tree and made a quick approach to the gallery (unfortunately, at that point of the day I was too tired to dream about a proper visit, as I barely could stand up on my feet).
Anyway, it was a funny coincidence and we enjoyed it a lot.

Tell me darlings, did you ever experience a funny/memorable surprise when travelling?

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  1. Lovely! I wonder if you were there the same time as my coworkers. They also accidentily stumbled upon that Tim Burton exhibition. Prague seems to be such a lovely town but after your experiences of the tourist crowds it would perhaps be more suitable to pay a visit in October.

    1. I visited Prague the 17th this month, but I think the exhibition is open the whole Summer :)
      I would totally recommend you to visit in October, it must be a lovely experience by then.

  2. OMG Tim Burton exhibition! How amazing!

    All the old buildings are amazing! I love that vine covered cottage, I would love to live there! I really want to see the Prague Astrological clock one day too!

    You look lovely, I love the lace dress and your bag with the jacquard type pattern!

    1. I think the little cottage had got a certain "good witch" vibe, I would totally love to have a small charming house like that myself :)

      Many thanks for the nice words! As a matter of fact, I was wearing a lace bolero and separated top and skirt.

  3. Tim Burton exhibit? Hooray!

    The Boyfriend and I went to visit his parents a few weeks ago, and there was an antique shop there with a guillotine!

    1. There were many sntique shops around, I wish I had found a guillotine :)

  4. These pictures are amazing sweetie! It's such a beautiful city, I'd stroll down those streets for hours! The Tim Burton exhibit; what a fortunate coincidence! <3