viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Murphy´s law for everyone

When I was a school girl I found a bit difficult to understand abstract physical laws and concepts, unless practical exemplification was providen. To be exact, I would NOT believe in any kind of principle I couldn´t see with my own little eyes. I was a midget skeptical, if you please, and this frequently produced a good dose of fun in the family meetups.

 If someone mentioned how the moon cycle affected to the cattle´s birth during my Summer country incursions, I invariably demanded to see it myself. Too many hilarious stories in my childhood began this way.

 As an adult, there is a small portion of me that keeps offering some resistance to these theoretical ideas. I find particularly hard to believe in Murphy´s law. I mean, who can believe in such a crazy idea? How can the universe plot against a person when all the circumstances are supposed to be working fine? No way! So life simply decided I needed another modest practical lesson about it.

Outfit Rundown: flower clip - New Yorker /  necklace - Brigitte Brijou /  shirt - vintage /
shawl - girft from The Gentle One / Skirt - Chicwish / bag - gift from my sister / shoes - vintage.

On Monday´s afternoon I checked the weather forecast just to be sure it was still sunny.
Of course it was sunny! It had been sunny and really warm for two weeks then, so I decided to go for a walk and wear my new emerald full skirt for the first time. Because this skirt is obviously for summery sunny days. So there I flew, with a perfect retro-Audrey-style for the extreme heat.
And yes, I don´t probably need to explain that, as soon as I reached the first stop on my walk and posed for a couple of pictures, the universal flood started: thunders and black skies preceded a major water discharge, making me to shelter in the closest coffee shop. And that was the end of my photoshoot plans and adventures for the day, as my very light clothes were too wet for anything else than going back home.
This lovely Victorian mannor will have to wait for good pictures until weather goes better.
But ey, now I do understand about Murphy´s Law!

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  1. You look lovely in green, reminiscent of a Pre-Raphaelite muse. Green is my favourite colour at the moment! I love the pictures of the sculpture too. Very sweet and peaceful.

    1. OMG! Many thanks for your compliments, a Pre-Raphaelite muse is a huge thing.
      This house is quite spectacular, even better in real life. There is something truly decadent about this place that makes me think about Victorian ghost stories. Totally lovely.

  2. Haha, this was a funny post :) Also a lovely outfit.

  3. Beautiful outfit, skirt`s colour looks lovely. ^^

    1. Many thanks :)
      For some reason, this skirt opposes to be properly pictured (it is actually the second attempt), so it is quite difficult to apreciate its true colours. I´ll keep trying though.

  4. Lately I been going out less, and whenever I do go out officially (when I've actually made my hair pretty and wore non-water proof makeup) it rains. :/
    Umbrellas should totally be part of our outfits. :D

    I love your skirt it's deffinitly elegant!

    By the way, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award back in my blog. Link here:

    Hope you get some free time to participate. ♥

    1. As a matter of fact, I always carry a small portable umbrella on my bag (I am from the North-West of Spain, and you get used to unexpected mizzle). However, the day I took these pictures, the storm was so strong that having an umbrella didn´t make a big difference.
      Anyway, I´ll have a look yo your blog link and many thanks for the nomination! :)