domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

What I did in July

After my trip across Europe last month (yes, the one that lasted just six days 
in real time, but which seems to have wore away six years in blog time) and its consequent post saga, my electronic agenda 
rang to let me know it is time for another monthly roundup (already?!) 
I have no idea how this month flew away so fast, but I suspect it has something to do with my current zombie condition, 
derived from the fact I must wake up at six o´clock in the morning. 

At least this won´t last more than a couple of weeks now, so I will be back to my old grumpy-for-no-reason self soon, 
instead of my present grumpy-for-the-lack-of-sleep.
This will be definititely an improvement.

Anyway, this is what I mainly did with my very little spare time this month...

Some dear friends came to visit us this month, so we thought it could be funny to rent a car and drive all the way to Transylvania. 
We could have done it just for the sake of it, but then we figured out it could be nice chance to visit
 some of the beautiful castles around the area.
We chose Peles Castle in this ocassion, one of the most emblematic palaces in all Europe.

The visit was very much fun, although I must say a good dose of that fun came 
from my silly, weird a bit irrational (yes, I can´t think of another adjective right now, ok? As I mentioned, I am not sleeping enough) behavior most of the time.
Look, I was perfectly happy on Saturday morning. 
I had enjoyed a good coffee and lovely strawberry cake before we left home, 
and the day looked glorious in perspective... blah, blah. 

Then we arrived to Transylvania (you can´t imagine how amazing it is) and as soon as we parked the car, 
I found myself on the floor while avoiding an out of control flying wooden cross.
I had just about four hours of sleep on me at that point, but even so I KNEW flying crosses are beyond normal
A couple of teenagers were playing with some gadgets of the sort (they inmediately said sorry, of course),
 and I couldn´t understand why.

"OMG!" I cried trying to stand up on dignity. "They train vampire slayers in here!"

"They are super Van Helsing teens" one of my friends confirmed. "AMAZING!"

But they were not super vampire slayers (boo!), it happened to be a man selling the cross shaped boomerangs around the corner. 
Don´t even ask.

Not too late after that, we started our way to the castle through the woods.
The Gentle One stopped to read a sign loud:

"We should not make too much noise or eat in here" 

"Oh, why is that?" I asked innocently.

"Well, you know" He answered on a smooth and neutral tone. "There are bears around"

Yeah, you guessed. I run right to the castle without looking back for a second.
But it was fun. Specially for the others.
However, even considering the bears and the flying wooden crosses I totally recomend to go there. 
The place is truly breathtaking ♥

Thanks to the tip of my friend Ellone I started to watch the new FX series, The Strain.
I had not heard about it before she told me, but I am very happy I listened to her. Even The Gentle One, who does not normally like tv shows, is totally addict to it now.
If you are into horror, vampires and edgy science fiction, please, son´t miss it!

Black nails mostly.
This month I arranged an apointment on a new salon to try their professional manicure, but I turned back kind of disappointed, as I observed the results were not that different from my own at home. 
I don´t know, I think I was looking for something more spectacular this time.
I am guessing I need to give a chance to gel nails at once, everybody constantly mentions what a radical change they are...
So please, if you have any experience with them, just let me know.

Tell me darlings, how good was your July?

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  1. Cross shaped boomerangs? How totally odd! You'd be more likely to stake yourself than the vampire! I really want to go to Transylvania one day, except for all the people throwing crosses, which sounds really dangerous. The castles are breathtaking! I could definitely live in one of those!

    My aunt used to swear by gel nails. Not sure if she wears them anymore, as she doesn't live in this country, but I think I saw her using normal nailpolish last time she was here. I definitely like the idea of nailpolish not chipping, but maybe the polish still chips, just not the nails? I am so sick of chipped nailpolish I have almost given up!

  2. Haha the cross event was hilarious! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your travel and I'm super happy you liked The Strain! <3 Happy birthday again sweetie!

    1. Oh, thankie darling :) And thanks again for the recommendation, we totally love The Strain ♥

  3. It is a pity I was not allowed to take interior pictures Laura (in order to make them, visitors sre supposed to pay a considerable fee, so my group was pretty reluctant to do so), I assure you would love it even more. If you go to Transylvania someday, please, remeber to visit Sinaia :-)

  4. Jajajaja me he mondado con la historia del boomerang y los osos. Parece que es un sitio de lo más curioso, Transilvania. Por las fotos que vi en facebook me imagino que la compañía de esos días os hizo más que felices. Espero que después de todo estés teniendo ratos de descanso y que la noche del cumple fuese genial como decías. Un besote gordo linda, a ver cuándo podemos skypear de nuevo :**

    1. Es un sitio de lo más peculiar, sobre todo porque la mezcla entre lo anacrónico, lo folclórico y lo marcadamente provinciano. Mrece la pena verlo :)
      Tenemos que hacer un skype pronto como tú dices y nos ponemos al día.
      ¡Un besote!

  5. Greetings,

    Omg this is so amazing, i love to search for places to visit someday, Transylvania is one of the few that i was still debating, being the Vlad Castle particular and such, but i see there is still lots of beauty to look at, and this would totally be something i would love to see. Somehow it just screams it's country genre :P

    Never eard about the Strain, but since i ended Penny Dreadful i've been looking for something new to get hooked on, so maybe this is it, i shall give it a try , i loved X-files when i was youngher.

    I wish you could have seen a real bear tho :P in safe distant , that would be an awesome experience, ahah.


  6. Hey Skeletonorchid! So happy to read you back!
    I see your point about looking for mew places to visit, that it's something I do myself. Romania has a good quantity of interesting places to see, specially castles. Indeed, there are so many you could actually plan a castle route. If you are of the opened minded type, and you enjoy by visit different places, I think it would be a nice experience to live.

  7. Good gracious! What an incredible places! How do I want to go there myself ...You're so lucky! :)

    1. Yes, it is quite shocking! I would had never expected so many interesting historical buildings together.
      I think Romania deserves a visit once in a lifetime, but for finding the most exciting location you normally need a Cicreone, as the best venues are all hidden on little corners.

    2. Oh, thank you very much for your advice! I'll remember that. Romania on my top list of countries to visit.