viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Autumn in Bucharest

Ey, darlings! It´s so good to be finally back! I did miss you.
It looks like we arrived to Bucharest yesterday, but tomorrow is the two month anniversary of the day we moved to our new home. 
Can you believe it?

However, reporting my adventures has taken me much more time than I expected.
When we released our shimmering apartment I was foolishly convinced that we would get an internet connection soon.
 I assumed I would simply jump into the first internet provider office I could find, get a good deal and happily walk back home to make a couple of posts or whatever.
Silly Violette (I can hear you saying), she will never learn.
And you´re totally right. I am a chronic optimistic...

 The first time I visited an internet provider they smiled a lot (I really mean it, people. The kind of smile that makes you think about The Jocker), but as soon as I started talking in English the smile vanished from their lips. They (and from this point I will refer to them as The Inexplicable People from the Internez) sent someone who could "speak" English to me and explained that I couldn´t be able to register with their company as a foreigner.

 "Really?" I thought. "Ok, I´ll look somewhere else".

So merrily off I went, searching for the next internet shop.
And against all expectations, I heard the same words again. In fact, I tried three different companies that evening. 

"What´s wrong with The Inexplicable People from the Internez?" I asked The Gentle One. "Don´t they want our money?"

And then I started thinking they wanted something else in exchange.
 Something like children to eat.
 Because if they are able to transform a simple internet contract on a nightmare, well, they must come from hell or something.
 So, after a week of stupidity and confusion, one of those demons employees told us that we needed to get a national identity number in order to hire any service.
Yeah, like a foreigner you don´t have that kind of right.
As you might deduct, we finally got it but it took a long, long time.

Nevertheless, I am back and I´ll be able to tell you about my Romanian experience, which despite the crazy internet issue is being really amazing.
The Autumn is a lovely season here, as you can see in my pictures from Herastrau park.

Oh! And I don´t forget about the whole Give Away thing.
 I kept receiving questions through the blog mail (you can see the address on the right column). 
So nice to see I have many lovely readers out there! 
I will answer them all on a post very soon and then I will claim the winner and the secret prize.
Good luck everyone.
Stay stunned!

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  2. Yaaay for internet! :D These pictures are lovely dear <3 Isn't The Japanese Garden beautiful?

    1. Yes, it was kind of lovely in the autumn light. However, I missed some water running through the fountains that day, it would be even prettier that way.

  3. Wow, it's been two months already! You are loving your apartment, I hope? Bucharest looks lovely in the fall - we were there during the heat of the summer ... although coming from Spain, maybe the heat won't bother you as much as it did me. Thank goodness for beer!

    I'm so looking forward to all your photos of Romania now that you FINALLY have internet. It's awful how disconnected from the world a person feels without it, isn't it? ;o)

    1. Yeah, I feel very happy about my new apartment. It´s really well located and full of possibilities (I am working hard on giving it some personality beyond white walls and wooden floors).

      And yeah, it´s really amazing how isolated you can feel just because of the lack of internet. It´s something to think about!

  4. So nice to see that you have settled in Bukharest. Even if you moved withing Europe it's so much new rules and another culture to learn. The autumn looks lovely and warm. Up here, in Sweden, we are still waiting for snow. I want to go skiing :)

    1. Totally! Every European country (not to speak about other continents) has its own idiosyncracy, so it can be a little tough sometimes. Nevertheless, I hope to get used to all the new things little by little. Living in a new culture is such an experience!

      In relation to the weather, it´s becoming to go cooler and cooler. We are supossed to wait for the first snows of the year in two weeks, but I am not really sure is going to be that cold by then considering the temperature´s progression.

  5. A lot of internet adventures :) Im glad you are back, those pictures are amazing, I miss beautiful autumn days!

    1. Yay! It´s strange how deeply one can miss the internet world, isn´t it? I am really glad to be back ♥
      I think Autumn is becoming my favourite season with all the beautiful landscapes and Halloween preparations, so I went a bit dissapointed this year when the weather started cooling. Now is almost totally wintery, but as long as snow is something new to me, I ams ure I will enjoy it too :)