jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

My (belated) 2017 resolutions

As a rule, I don´t really like New Year´s resolutions. You may have guessed already, considering how much time this post has delayed.

There are many reasons, but maybe the most important one is, most resolutions can make people become obsessed with them, which invariably leads to embarrassing failure before the end of February – well, it might be just me, I must admit my will is far from exemplary... or even average (think about a six years old when looking at the cookies jar and you totally get me. No, like literally. I just ate all the cookies in the house while writing this. And I was supposed to eat but ONE. Or was it an apple? I can´t remember).


domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

Our 2016 in photos

Some years feel better than others, and although 2016 hasn´t been as spectacular as 2015, it was actually a quite lucky one.

And why was that? Well, there are countless reasons to consider this as a great period. Indeed, we lived so many exciting events during these twelve months, I would really struggle to write about all of them and keep it short and clear. So instead of a 2000 words long verbose post, which in all honesty not even I would read, I will make a little sum up and show you the very best of 2016 in pictures.  

There we go!

domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Blogmas 2016: week 1


Happy December, everyone! ❄️

I am still amazed by the fact it is the last month of the year already. However, I am very glad Christmas is here, as it is my favourite festive season, so far. This year, I have less spare time than last December, and although I can´t make a daily post, I don´t want to stop enjoying Blogmas. So my solution is to post at least once a week this month, with a little sum-up of the main events, and holiday activities. 

These were some of the highlights of our first Christmas week. I hope you enjoy the reading!

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Tales of the Peculiar

Autumn arrived in the beginning of October, and since then it´s been awfully cold.

In my world that means only one thing: it is time to fill my already stuffed tea cupboard, take the soft blankets out of the wardrobe and curl up with a good book. I love books all year long, but somehow the cold months are my favourites for endless reading sessions. 

Consequently, this might be the period when I buy the most of my paper editions (the rest of the year I tend to download on my ebook, but when Winter comes I prefer the company of a good old paper specimen), as I take advantage from all the seasonal releases. One of the titles on my last book haul was Tales of the Peculiar by Ranssom Riggs.

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

Budapest in October

Hello everyone! 


As you probably know if you´re following me via Twitter or Instagram, I am not dead.

However, it´s been a couple, of crazy months during which The Gentle One and I managed to move to another city, find a brand new apartment and job positions, all in a row.  Those periods are quite usual in our lives, due to our professional choices and careers, and although they can be very exciting, they can also drag all the energy out of us. In my case, that usually means a drastic reduction of my spare time, and most consequently, less time for blogging. But fortunately, I am starting to get used to my new routine, so blogging can be finally back for good

Now, in October we had a short city break in Hungary, as my husband had some professional affairs to attend in there.  


domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016


This week it´s been so hot we hardly managed to leave the house. However, as weekend approached, temperature started slowly descending. We know Summer is definitely not over yet, so we decided to take this opportunity window and make the best of it. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Bellu Park, a nineteenth century cemetery famous due to its upstanding mourning art.



martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

My top five vamp lip products.


In the last year or so I´ve been falling into the habit of shopping less, but better quality makeup.  So now and then when I make a purchase, I try to give a chance to both medium and high-end brands in an attempt to make my own opinion. I´ve always felt a bit intimidated by the huge quantity of makeup reviews out there (am I the only one who wants to hide in a corner and cry when you receive all those contradictory reviews on blogs/youtube and so on?), and I would happily cut my right hand rather than just sitting there for HOURS trying to figure out what internet gurú is right, because well, most probably they all have a point as long as a product does not work the same for everybody. 

jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Queen you shall be

For a time, I did really well on my purpose of stopping impulse buying.   

And then my little sister came to visit us and next thing I remember is leaving the house to get some cake (gluttony runs in the family, you can be sure), and coming back with aforementioned cake, and an elfic/Tyrell-style tiara. YES, a bloody tiara. Because... well, because I stumbled upon it at a random high street store, it was on sale, and it was stunningly beautiful, and... you never know if you´ll be invited to have tea with the queen, right? Right...? And yes, in case you were wondering, I have absolutely no justification for it, other than the very reasonable discount price and its alleged beauty. 


domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

Cities in dust

There is something undeniably ghostly about cities in Summer. They always acquire a certain desolated look, due to the vast space left empty by people absence. However, that´s am scenario I love, as my vivid imagination tends to portray a post-apocalyptic landscape (the image of a metropolis after vampire consumption, or maybe once the zombie plague is over. The tons of lovely movie scenes you could set in here...)

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Summer reads

At the beginning of the week I tried to organize my spare time a little bit, as I had no chance at all recently. I thought  sorting out my Summer reads could be a nice start, as this task seems to have lived in my to-do list like FOREVER. So last Monday I patiently sat on the bedroom, and started separating the unfinished books in a group that I called the "pile of shame almost immediately (as a philologist and a general bookworm it is quite rare to leave any unfinished stories to me. However, most of them happened to be short stories compendiums, which I tend not to read in strict chapter order. As a result, there´s always some story forgotten and left behind).